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  1. Do you have FXAA on? In many games/sims the text become blurry if that is on.
  2. How will Steam users set resolution? Will the settings be integrated into the main game, or will they have to search their harddrive for the separate executable that sets that up? Just curious.. PS. Not sure this was posted in the correct forum. Feel free to move.
  3. I have full subscription. Why can I not use reserve mp34 in german navy? It says that it is subscription locked. It has nothing to do with rank, I am rank 5, and rank 2 is needed.
  4. Yep, sorry I did miss that info that you could apply for an account. Nvm this thread, and sorry if I sounded judgy.
  5. The current wiki seems to be outdated and full of links that leads to non-existant pages. I think we need a community wiki, that players can edit, and fill with game tips, help and info.
  6. Pretty sure rifles like for example the gerand is supersonic.
  7. In real life when a supersonic projectile passes a listeners head, it kinda says like a firecracker, not 'whoosh'. Only should say 'whoosh' when its speed is below mach 1. Other games like ArmA has that, I wish WWIIOnline had it also.
  8. > Card name: Intel® HD Graphics That onboard graphics card is the problem. Does the computer also have a Nvidia or ATI/AMD graphics card?
  9. Ah ty. Actually my Nvidia settings for WWII Online is set to higher performance that that screenshot, so should not be problem. BUT, I tried now to do a new install (although that what was I had to start with). And behold 15-20 frames (was no busy fight though). Let me comment on that, this needs to be looked into, CRS is gonna/did lose many potential customers by doing bad install on their systems. They seriously need to find a way for the install to check itself for errors/issues! Now, so I thought let me set my absolute minimum setting on for what I deem as necessary to enjoy this game and continue to subscribe next month: water shader: on muzzle-flash: on specular: on infantry detail: little bit higher than lowest Went and benchmarked Remagen/Antwerp with infantry and vehicles: got around 7 frames in both. Okay, is an improvement but i need a couple more frames. My computer specs. certainly warrants it. Any more suggestions? (did try with no firewall and no antivirus, just to see if they were to blame)
  10. Just tried the benchmarks. .benchantwerp gives around 35 FPS, what is it supposed to give for getting over 10 FPS in fighting situations? Could not get .benchinfantry and .benchvehicles to work. :|
  11. No, it cannot be. Simply cause I tried WWII Online on this PC: Card: 520m (1GB) OS: Win 7, 64bit Resolution: 1600:900 CPU: Dual 2.3GHz RAM: 6GB, 1333MHz Framerates in city with fighting: 35-40. Setting: low So as you can see, except for higher RAM speed, it has a card that according to posts in this forum hardly is able to run the game, only slightly higher CPU speed, higher resolution. In other words it should run the game much slower. But it doesn't, its blazing fast compared. Ergo, its something else. Besides most people have not more than 2.4GHz CPUs, I bet that statistics is true for people that play this game also. And about RAM speed, windows 7 rating system gives me a score of 7.1 of memory operations per second. Thats pretty high, 800MHz or not. I could live with the 170ms ping, the game runs with here in Europe, but the framerate of 5 is killing my enjoyment.
  12. I use a HP BIOS that does not allow for overclocking.