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  1. Hi Folks Just picked up one of these, and can't get the mic to work. Nothing is muted, got mic turned up all the way in equalizer, etc. Sounds are fine, the mic won't work. Any ideas? Thanks,
  2. Win7 jsut isn't palying nice with my Sound Blaster. Sounds are fine, but can't boost mic. Yes, everything is truned to max, and tested to work. Just very low volume. Any suggestions on Audio cards I can get that will be good and work with Win7? Thanks...
  3. I have sound Max integrated Digital Audio. I have all sounds up to 100%, mic is not muted. No-one can hear me on TS... it is very low. Is there a mic boost trick to Windows 7, or perhaps some 3rd party mic boost? Thanks,
  4. Figured it out. I'm having monitor issues too, and my "big screen" is having a hard time with the new video card, so I literally need my small screen to be plugged in so the card talks to my big screen. I was in extended screen version. Switched to show the same on both screens, voila.
  5. C'mon guys, don't be scared, I want to love you, LOL.
  6. Don't think auto-hide is on, I see it in normal desktop- will check. Nix on fancy mouse, standard fare.
  7. Just put in 6gb Memory, New Hard Drive, GTX 260, Windows 7 64 Bit and a power supply. Intel Core 2 6600 @ 2.4GHZ 900 MHZ Brand New Download of game Fixed the frozen mouse no problem with Vista SP2 and admin rights. Short Story: All 3 mouse buttons cause the task bar to appear, and other things. Sometimes. When spawning in and not moving, weapons fire and aim normally. Light touch to forward button, buttons normal. Firing and aiming OK. After moving 25m or less, buttons no longer work normally. Pressing any mouse button causes task bar to come up, and auto walk to come on. Alt-Tab back to game, auto walk still on. Mashing directional buttons makes it stop. After button-mashing made the auto-walk stop, I have repeated the action of deploying as prone (mapped to x) with ATR, and standing deployed. Did not try firing, I guess that felt creepy. After the first mouse button to task bar incident, the mouse buttons will only turn the task bar on. Thanks...
  8. 11 views no reply... I'm not making sense...
  9. Just upgraded computer, got Windows 7 amongst other goodies, but now I can't talk to my router. I found the driver, and put it on a memory stick, but can't figure out how to update the driver from there. I right click on network adapter, update driver, browse computer, choose C...File...but that File will not show any contents (that show when I look at explorer normally). Need help... thanks...
  10. Spawn a weapon other than LMG?
  11. I'm getting same thing. Go from 67 to 3.
  12. Grandad on Da's side was in Guadacanal as an infantryman, and later served as a "Scout" in the Pacific campaigns. Great Uncle was a landing craft driver, and claims to have his boat in the famous MacArthur returning picture at Leyte. Dunno- probably bull crap. My Dad is even more interesting- joined Air Force in 1950, learned Russian, flew as airborne signal intercept. He is the recipient of a DFC, Meritorious Service x2, and Air Medal x5 (to name a few). He doesn't talk about any of them, but just a few weeks ago we put the medals in a medal case with US flag and he cried. What a pussy.