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  1. Wow I'd forgotten about this... But in answer to jwilly, that simply isn't true. 1 hit from bofors on single engine plane is devastating. A 2nd will take it out. Rare that it takes more than 2 hits(but it does happen). More likely to disable or bring down in 1 hit than to need 3 in my experience. Plus the 1 hit will make the plane hard to steer, if it stays up at all. Plus the idea is to emulate the firepower of the Laffy, so you would need several bofors. Ive flown into flak traps with several bofors...don't usually live long. Add to that close range 20 or 25mm guns...would be very cool in my opinion. Plus the TT is just there for fire support, along with a few fairmiles. The goal would be to sink the DD. Plus now we have the perfect plane to use that would resemble most kamikaze...the Hurricane F/B with 250 pound bombs. They're pretty weak bombs so it would take quite a few to sink a DD. This would be an awesome re-enactment.
  2. I'm sure at least a few are familiar with the USS Laffy and how it was attacked by about 50 kamikaze aircraft in early 1945. I think it would be cool to re-enact that scenario. We could set up a DD and surround it with Fairmiles, or to be more accurate with the firepower the Laffy carried, maybe load a few Bofors and 25mm AA guns onto a TT and park it next to the DD. I heard that they can be deployed while on board. Then get volunteers to fly a variety of planes, either Axis or Allied (as long as they carry bombs), and see if they can kamikaze into the DD and sink it. In the case ot the USS Laffy, a few Navy Wildcats showed up and shot down some of the kamikaze planes, so maybe a few more players could come in with H81's or an Axis equivalent, depending on which side sets up the ships and boats. If any are interested, you can find the History Channel's re-enactment on YouTube. Check it out and I'm sure you will agree that it would be an awesome special event. Thanks
  3. Hi OHM. I'm having a similar issue. I resubbed today but when I try to log in it shows no servers available. Are they down right now?
  4. I see the Japanese Blen T's and fighters arent filling in too fast. I will switch over to any Axis plane as needed. beny
  5. I was denied my request of the Detroit. In that case, you may put me wherever you see fit, any DD, Fairmile or TT, captain or crew.
  6. May I have the Detroit, please?
  7. Since I'm a Michigander and one of the few Lions fans left in the civilized world, I want the Detroit, please. A crew would be welcome.
  8. I'll take a light cruiser such as the Phoenix; or any cruiser or destroyer for that matter.... sign me up. I'll also take a supply ship... would also welcome a crew. Will I be notified that I am signed up? thanks beny
  9. I've been getting lots of CTHL's the past few weeks as well. My internet service is 'fixed wireless' broadband. Things have been smooth since last February when I got my new puter. Then about the beginning of September the CTHL's have been hitting me with frustrating frequency. I have trieed alot of differnt things (see my post), but nothing helps. This seems to be CRS servers for me, too, because no other websites or downloads seem any slower than ever.
  10. I've tried everything in the CTHL sticky, including a couple things Bloo suggested in a help ticket, but nothing seems to do the trick. I have a Gateway quad core with an Nvidia 512 meg vid card and 3 gigs of ram. Up until about 6-8 weeks ago I was able to play at med vis limit and cthl's were rare. The little dots by the netcode window showed the solid stream of a good connection. Suddenly (it seemed) I started getting frequent CTHL's and my connection deteriorated, even at low vis limit. Again, I've tried deleting stuff, did the netcheck thing, QoS thing, tried primary and secondary connections, and have run virus and ad scans repeatedly with 2 different ad programs (Adaware and Spybot) and 2 different antivirus programs (AVG and Avast), I've even tried Hijack This. I have broadband internet that pings at around 49, the speed tests at over 1 meg. I know this isn't the fastest internet, but from February thru August I had virtually no problems. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe you've experienced something similar? I've unsubbed because playing just isn't fun like this. I would love to stay on if anyone can get me back up to speed. Thanks
  11. Hi, I've tried everything bloo has suggested to no avail. I have a broadband connection that tests at 1.2 to 1.5 megs so I doubt it's my ISP. About a month ago I started getting these frequent CTHL's and it's really ruining my gameplay experience. If anyone has any suggestions other than what bloo has posted in his sticky I'm all ears (eyes). Thanks
  12. I'd be happy to pick up insight's axis TB... sign me up and PM me...?
  13. I realize it's pretty late but I wasn't sure if I would be able to participate until today. How do I sign up or is it too late? It's 11:23 AM Rat time (CDST)
  14. thanks for your response, Munchkin. I guess I could have explained better... When I click the "Play Online" icon I get directed directly to the ww2ol home page. On my old computer I would get the launch box that asked for my password and to click and agree to the terms of service, then of course the game would launch. So, I guess the game is just not launching... it doesn't even ask for my game name or password. Any suggestions?