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  1. believe the rats said there was some limited (very) core sharing on parts of the code. afaik "We did find a couple of routines that had absolutely no external dependencies and that used an awful lot of CPU instructions and we parallelized a few of them. So you should be seeing some additional load happening on extra cores.
  2. check your video card software for the filter settings, and i think he may mean, is your windows install bad? corrupt? or full of malware and viruses?
  3. HA answers his own question..... users\*\Documents\Battleground Europe\cfml
  4. cfml files, where the heck do I put them, saved my old ones, going to put them into new machine, win7 (from xp). tried to save a keymap when playing a couple of days ago so as to be able to see the location in program crs... but no luck. any thoughs or is dufus here missing something?
  5. You've disabled tooltips. You can find this setting under user interface some clever spark told me....
  6. * double post
  7. upgrading from...geez i was looking to buy a system like that AS an upgrade
  8. save teh bucks and put then to a new system.... my2bits (playing on an ole heap of a p4)
  9. if you have 45 processes running while gaming you might* just have too much stuff running in the back ground (needs a trim imho)
  10. get a fster used cpu?
  11. SB audigy, with sound number cut to min.... it's just almost ready for the pasture
  12. as an noob tweaker, I am a little leary of overclocking, but understand the benefits, is uberclocking this cpu reletivly "safe" ? (if it burns is it likely i would be buying a new cpu or more- or is it just a dice roll at that point?) I (as can be seen from still living with p4 system) like the idea of having a system with some upgradabiltiy and want to make it last a while. so don't like the idea of building a low ball syst, just have to save my pennies, and pry my wallet outa my "pants" (ministress of war, love, and finance) hands any opinions on this MB? GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3(?R/L?) LGA 775 Intel P35 , waht the diff between the r/l suffix MBs?
  13. thought this was the family of cpus to buy into ? Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale 3.16GHz 6MB L2 Cache LGA 775
  14. throwing money at a dead horse? p4 3.2e, 478, it was hot once , trying (of course) to find some more fps before the rats patch me out of existance... machince is not very stable when overclocked, and can't afford to melt it down by experimenting, and budget won't allow anything but add-ons, I can't replace it yet could this help $169 - Visiontek Radeon HD 3850 512MB GDDR3 AGP or am I ridiculously cpu bound already with a 7900gs.... anyone have a screamer (but old) p4 chip laying around