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  1. if he wont I will USS Arizona I will not be sunk S!
  2. You trying to show me up I had IJN command last year and Cough we won lol
  3. Fly as one and the deed is done Come Join Bose26
  4. We are a group of guys that like to fly and have fun come fly with us. S!
  5. BIG Salute to all Luftwaffe Squads good luck S! Your humble Luftwaffe CO
  6. no matter who won everyone had fun so we all won S! everyone it was a blast
  7. I S! you all who particapated in the event and for this I honor you all with this medal Well done and congrats
  8. Lies screen shot or it dont count hahahaha
  9. I did not get killed nor kill anybody but i did hit 6 DD's and 4 FMB's
  10. If you go to the first Thread in this Forum Pearl Harbor III on the first page is all the Air groups
  11. S! everyone Today is the big day. Time to polish up those bombs because those ALLIED BOYS wont no what him them. Here are the Commanders of the Groups These are just groups not waves CO- Giggadee Group 1- Itsbrad Group 2- Kagurati Group 3- Suggs Group 4- Rote7 Im in hopes to get everyone on Axis TS2 The group commanders will need to be there so I may go over the plan of attack. All other members can join us on Axis Ts2. The meeting room channels will be Airforce. I would like to start grouping up at 7pm GMT or 1pm (CST Rat time) that gives us an hour to prep on ts and on the training server. This is going to be a great and fun event and i hope to see you all there. S! everyone
  12. pffffff i told mind to go shopping hahahahaha updated ice
  13. Can anyone tell me how many Ships got destroyed at Pearl harbor during the real raid???
  14. 2days Saturday the 11th USA
  15. agree im gunna get my butt kicked if we dont get more Pilots to sign up