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  1. Get like 1 frame every 20 seconds, hear weapons repeat themselves like SMG going off again and again for 20 seconds, then the sound changes to someone elese shooting for the next 20 seconds, eventually the program just CTD's.
  2. Me too. Can't play.
  3. If I'm on the ground, and a 110 comes zooming in shooting at a ground targets with 20mm's blazing, when many rounds hit the ground real fast I immediately exit the game. Happens regularly.
  4. Screw this, this is the 4th time it happened, and I unplugged iternet and restarted computer each time.
  5. Yes, it's a bad internet connection I think.
  6. I just disabled it, lost my 3rd ATG exploding under the earth to that stupid thing
  7. yes, when i'm running 2 wwiionlines on same computer (dual core).
  8. Nevermind, it was the limit FOV changes enabled which was doing it, I disabled it again and looking at buildings gave 40 FPS instead of 15.
  9. Oh I enabled Limit FOV changes and enabled Limit LOD changes. I disabled them again and get 40 FPS while looking at direction of town buildings. What do they do again?
  10. Looking at a cluster of buildings: Standing in same spot looking away from buildings: I've got my framerate limited to 60 FPS too. It could be 80 or 100 for all I know.
  11. worked.
  12. I'm glitching between daytime and nighttime and daytime and nighttime, over and over again. And guns won't fire propertly on destroyer.
  13. It's a new card.