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  1. Was wondering what had happened. Havent played in a long time. Registered on new site. Hopefully some time soon will be back. Keep paying subs every month even though not playing so hope rats get stuff going again.
  2. Yes inf detail. I was getting down to 18 fps in town with a decent enough rig (inc a 570GTX)/ Inf detail was the one thing that made a huge difference to me. Either way the game doesnt push the graphics card too much so high end cards dont seem to give much benefit (I went from a 260GTX to a 570 - never saw much benefit except bino into trees maybe). CPU seems to be the one. See how you get on.
  3. Never mind doesnt realyl do it. I was goin gfrom a 128GB SSD to a 512SSD so just used ease US - It made a sector copy and thats it done. Then expanded partition with partition magic then installed windows 8 in place. Sorted now./
  4. OK just bought a new SSD as mine was low on space so got a nice new Vertex4 512GB - happy. Thought might as well install windows 8 on it so had to do a clean install as no room on primary C drive. Installed a breeze. Now got my windows 7 SSD on a USB caddy. HOW can I get it to migrate all the settings and programs etc to the new SSD ? Can it be done. Microsoft bang on about the easy transfer etc and the upgrade in place. Is it as easy. On a mac I just point the migration assistant to the old drive and it does everything. Not finding this as easy as Ithought they had made it. I would like apps and data to be moved. Ideas welcome as bit of googling didnt find the exact answer I was looking for.
  5. I spent ages trying to get better FPS and it was detail that made a huge difference. I doubled my FPS by turning it down a bit in the settings.
  6. Never mind. Corrupt WW2 file. Replaced it with backup - it works fine.
  7. Havent played for a few weeks. Go to boot up - playgate launces ok - select server - Game loads up - Nearly and just quits out before fully loading. Havent touched PC for a while so no changes. Ay Ideas.
  8. When is the next CPU range due ? End of year ? Next year ? - Ahh found it new architecture next year prob June I may wait then
  9. Really ??? It's over 3 years old and 4 iterations of the I7 behind. So are you saying there is little difference between the very first I7 and the latest I7s I thought there was a big difference and there is. Just seeing which one is best value. Don't really overlock as don't need to but was interested in the new stuff as I wasn't sure.
  10. Well yes it's not really for this game just like having a pretty modern system. I don't play that much anymore butmid like to know what is the best route to go in terms of socket types
  11. Ok in the past I'm the one answering these sort of post but like my BE gaming (and all gaming) I've sort of stopped and may not be fully up to date. I thought I understood which was which and which was best but maybe I dont so looking for advice. Thinking of upgrading as I have a old first gen I7 920 CPU at 2.7ghz. I have a vertex 3 ssd and. 570gtx so all I need is a mobo and CPU really Not too bothered about cost but not spending $1000 on a CPU just want a decent one and best suited . Is it ivy bride socket or the 2011 socket. I want future proof so usb3 and maybe pcie 3 which is socket 2011 but are they they right processors Also have a asus sound card pcie. Worth changing nowadays ? Thanks
  12. 10PM pacific ? So midnight central time ?? Or do you mean 10AM, 12PM, 1PM ? Would be 7AM here so little chance but 7PM could be more likely
  13. Possibly a bit late for me but will post on squad forums noes b2k beats me to it. Email you have for me good.
  14. R and U to backup b2k
  15. Well that was quick. I've been through most settings - turning down number of corpses, durantion, shadows, anti aliasing, locking this and that - doing all sorts with about 1 - 4 fps difference. FIXED it. In infantry - ingame settings. Turning Level of detail down made massive difference. 15 FPS became 50 in a very busy town.