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  1. I think I would post your problem in this forum, maybe someone could help you with it!
  2. I dodn't know if this would help you but Right Click your toolbar, and check lock the taskbar. On toolbars right arrow point your mouse to that and make sure nothing else is checked like desktop, quick launch etc.
  3. Wow 8 FPS. I take it that you changed the settings didn't you? Before the nt fix i got alot of studders. Have you checked your puter for spyware? Spybot search and destroy is a great program and its free! when I play this game I shut down norton, microsoft-antispyware, alg.exe (which is part of microsoft firewall),print spooler, system restore, and a host of other crap that's running on my computer. You can confiqure a seperate startup just to run this game. Maybe some people here can tell you how. I might learn how I can do it instead of manually stopping everything in services before i get the game started. I have two gigs memory and that helped my puter with some studder problems. The nt fix helped alot for me. The biggest increase was when I started experimenting with settings to get the biggest fps boost and still have the game look decent. Man I sure hope you can get your puter and this game to better performance. The reason I posted this simple quide was that anyone with any basic computer skill could set his settings down. Get Spybot search and destroy first and formost if you dodn't already have it and check your puter. Shut down programs you dodn't need in services. reinstall a current video driver. Not one that was made three months ago or whatever, I mean a current driver. I dodn't know how much puter skills you have but maybe some of the suggestions will help. If anyone else has suggestions on how to increase there FPS please help. Dodn't be afraid to post if you have some positive imput.
  4. When starting the game and you see your playnet logon tool make sure you stop Microsoft internet exploer in background.---Click the x box on top right to stop it. Then click ok for your planet ww11 online lauch
  5. Go ahead and get to my sticky post at the top if this Forum. find Rscott3. XP increase your FPS. Go and read the guide and change all of your settings to mine. Its helping a major amount of people increase there FPS and less lag time. you dodn't have to have xp but do the XP compatability fix if you have xp. All the rest you can do in settings. Dodn't just read my quide----- DO IT---- You will notice a huge increase in Frames Per Second. Its one of the best quides out there. JUST DO IT!!!!!
  6. Go to my Sticky under Rscott3 and find the post XP increase your fps You dodn't have to have xp but most all of these you can to within your playnet ww11 online settings page. Its really helping alot of people, and I do mean ALOT. Hardware upgrade is great but try all my settings to the tee in the quide, you will evperience a huge difference in fps issues and lags.
  7. I you want to experience higher frame rates then go to windows pc forum and look at the sticky that says XP increase your FPS. you dodn't have to have xp but this quide will show you how to increase your frames per second in major ways, and the game still really looks great. Go ahead and get in your settings and follow the guide to the tee. You will experiece way more fps and less studdering. PERIOD! Just do it!
  8. Please Read xp increase for fps by Rscott. It is really helping alot of people. And I do mean ALOT. Go ahead and do what my quide tells you to do. You dodn't have to have xp. Most all can be done in settings. Just do it> You will see a major fbs increase.
  9. Read my sticky in xp increase your FPS by rscott Its helping many many people, and you dodn't have to have xp Most all of the suggestions you can do yourself in settings go ahead read my sticky on first page above yours. XP increase your FPS---Its awesome and helping people
  10. You can still see hi detail in trees when your close up
  11. Read my sticky post under rscott3 xp increase fps