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  1. thx gnasche, for now i found that "mplayer" is working for me. i will do a new install of all codecs and players, probably a new windowsn install since it is a long time ago when i have done it.
  2. i installed already 4 different codec packages and i cant watch any wmv videos with my windows media player, did any upgrade available. i did not have these problems before, just started some weeks ago. how can i watch .wmv videos ?
  3. and what do you say about that...(donno if this report is fictual or not) "1 attack" "300 shots M.G. and 110 shots cannon" 110 cannon shots and 1 attack ?
  4. I thought they used 88 already in France 1940 vs chars ?
  5. nice page about cockpits http://www.aeronautics.ru/archive/wwii/books/cockpit/page_01.htm
  6. good infos with numbers of victories, types of planes and nice links http://luftwaffe.cz/index.html typical LW Victory Claim Report http://members.aol.com/dheitm8612/victory.htm
  7. found 2 nice colour pictures..both from JG54 190A von Hauptmann Stotz, Staffelkapitän der 5./JG54 (189 Victories), spring ´43 eastfront 190A-4 /JG54 summer ´43 eastfront more nice colour pictures..here http://www.ww2incolor.com/ many interesting LW pics (s/w) http://www.aeronautics.ru/archive/wwii/photos/gallery_006/page_02.htm colour pics about wracks in pacific area http://www.pacificghosts.com/
  8. same problem here, i cant start TS when ww2online is running but TS shows up when i close the game, so it process the TS .exe but doesnt start it. i have wired problems with any video player and cant watch most of the videos in the i-net, installed 3-4 codec packs already and still get the message that codecs are missing...:/ but i have that player problem even if i dont start ww2online uhm strange
  9. now that is wired, i have the same problem. cant start Ts when the game is running already and i have problems to view videos suddenly with any player. i tried to install 3-4 different codec packs and still have the same problem.
  10. ok thx gnasche we try to help 2 guys here but we have no clue why they have no problems to get on normal server but not on the training server...hope crs can fix this in the next days. thx
  11. a new player in our squad has problems to get on the training server, but can join the normal online game server. any solution for that ? is it possible to get access with the trial account ?
  12. I have here the original german edition 1941 Steirische Verlagsanstalt Graz, author Major Fritz von Forell - "Mölders und seine Männer" included the personal report from Mölders, June 5th 1940, about his crash and imprisonment. "Iam flying in the morning with one Staffel. Not any enemy planes sighted since 60 minutes until small dots in the sky reported south of (Rohon/Ronon?). We turn towards it - own Me planes, another different 109 Staffel. In the same moment, I notice 6 different small dots flying in to groups towards south. I identified them as enemy planes and we flew towards them. I notice one Potez-scout, accompanied by 5 x Bloch-Fighters. They are flying fast back towards their base/home. At 5000m around, allocation of the targets - the chase starts. I attack the plane most of the left, under me the village "Compiégne". After short hits on the enemy plane, parts flying around in the air. Suddenly i feel one hard impact - short shock - but the engine is working still fine. Two 109´s next to me diving into the enemy and Leutnant Claus shots one down. But where did the Potez go ? Here, close to the ground followed by one Bloch-Fighter. Iam diving towards the fighter, have too much speed and cant shoot, suddenly iam next to him. I can see the pilot, the cab is open. I turn slightly towards him - he dives away...exactly what i wanted. Now i can attack the Potez-scout, straight ahead. But the pilot flies excellent. At low level flight, we fly with high speed over one village, lower than the church tower. I have him for short time in my gun sight - left gun jams..reloading. We are flying through two trees and iam almost 50m close to him - pulling up due to four wire circuit and diving down to almost 1meter over the ground - I have him in my gun sight ! He crashes into the ground and only a second later i can see one huge 30m high flame. He wont be able to take pictures anymore. We have only fuel left for 15 min., lets go back home. We regroup and at low level flight we fly back. DANG !! - one hit, rifle fire hits but not dangerous. We landed successfully. Same day, 5:15 pm the next start with one Staffel We are flying almost to Amiens and not much fuel left and i see planes above us. We climb up to 7000 meter - Me´s. Diving down a bit again and flying towards our airfield. Suddenly - 6 x Morane´s !! I start the attack and notice two more 109 Staffels which engage the same planes. They are more close and i climb again to watch the scenery. They start to shoot way too early and i see the usual turnfights, but some Moranes are quiete braver. One Me got shot down, i see the parachute. I watch the fight for a certain time and in the end i attack one Morane, which got attacked by the guns of 3 109 in every turn. I get the plane for short time in my gun sight - he got hit but it was not enough. Suddenly the plane climbs up and he vanish under my wings - Gosh !! I turn away and climb towards the sun, the other pilot must have lost visuality on me since he turned away and flies towards south. Two Me´s are still attacking the last Morane. Iam around 800 meter high - suddenly !! bang bang and sparks - i get a black out. The throttle controll is destroyed, the stick moves ahead - my plane dives at right angle !! I bail out and slowly i fly with my parachute towards the ground......." (Iam not perfect in English but hope you understand the whole report i tried to translate from the book)
  13. yepp that helped thx anyway fortunately that happened only 3x in the last years
  14. i have the cornflake bug today only around eeklo, tried to restart teh game but got it again after a while. the flakes were sometimes so huge i could not see something at all just a white wall. was impossible to play since they blocked my viw. they started as small flakes and after a while they were really huge walls. any solution for this ?
  15. i fixed it when i changed from 1024x768x32 to 1280x1024x32...at least i could reduce the tree flickers a bit, but they didnt vanish at all.