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  1. Have to change from ATX to mini ATX format motherboard, small case and everything. Never had to build anything else but full fledged ATX tower so would be thankful for few pointers... Keeping my Radeon 280X would be a huge bonus... Does anyone play on a mini ATX setup that could offer some help?
  2. For gods sake ahwulf please tell them to make it possible to turn off that ghastly thing completely off like we had been able to.
  3. My GPU fans also spins up when at map. Only scene taxing my card definitely more is the tall grass. Guess it is a very demanding 2d picture...
  4. So you bought a Dell for gaming and now you are disappointed? Are you ****ting me? No seriously. You Gfx sucks big time. You should have gone for any other gfx they offer BUT the Nvidia 450 and the radeon 6450 you got. If you weren't greedy with the RAM and got yourself just 6Gb it could have cost you the same but you would have had much better Gfx. Anyway 25-40 fps IS good in this game. If you never drop below 25 you are golden. Edit: Boy you got screwed with the CPU! Should have gone for the basic 930. You would not have noticed the difference in this game. I am sure Dell are enjoying the 499$ they got from you for meaningless upgrade!
  5. Cause I do. I played for first time after the great outage Thursday or Friday this week and it has been a small nightmare since then. First account loads up without any problems, second gets booted after the message "login complete" flashes on the loading bar. Yet after some (not yet known how long) time the second account does log in and keeps logging in. Is there an IP address check done after somebody logs in preventing the same IP logging in for, say, 2 minutes? Certainly didn't have these problems in the past. Nothing changed on my side. Setting connection to primary or secondary doesn't do anything.
  6. Tall grass is absolutely devastating to my fps. Not looking from distance at it but walking in it. 35fps instantly becomes 15 fps. This is on PC.
  7. Why? For serious atg game its a must.
  8. If you really want AMD then you have to wait few more month for their new Bulldozer core to start selling. If it has to be right now then go for Intel.
  9. Website loading just fine but the menus are still fubar (or rather not there at all) no matter what I do (F5, clearing cache)
  10. Lol netcheck doesnt work properly since 1.30 so dont bother. Where are you from? Whats your ping? Are you sure that you aren't just overreacting to the same crap laggy close quarter battles everyone is experiencing? Whats your graphic card? Whats running in background that may be using your bandwith? And for the love of god next time dont buy a Dell to play games.
  11. As far as I am concerned this is in the same category as custom edits of the cfml file. Those confer unfair advantage this just makes the game look better.
  12. Does Mac use xml files? If yes just edit the one with settings and add this line before radial density setting:
  13. Anyone using Radeon 6850 with reasonably powerful CPU? How is the card performing? Thinking of getting one as that's the best thing I can afford right now.
  14. 1. Do not trust anything your ISP is telling you. Ever. 2. Check your phone socket for oxidised contacts. Had similar issues and it turned out to be be the copper contacts in the phone socket. They turned blue. 3. If you are in UK run this test: http://speedtester.bt.com/ 4. Try different modem. Preferably non router one (USB). 5. Trace back your wires. Look for any damage, loose connection or interference sources.
  15. Obviously they didnt test the game that comes with the forums...