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  1. Hi there, How far do you get? What computer / OS do you have. Have you got the installer, or just the .bin file. The bin file needs stuffit expander to expand into the installer application. The full mac link is ftp://downloads.wwiionline.com/wwiiol0001241.bin If you're on a G5, it should run OK. The mac version isn't universal so runs like a pig on those. The Universal version is expected the next major patch (1.25.x). ibad
  2. It is a bug. The 'center on me' button should stay clicked even if you move the map. If should be fixed in the next version. 1.24.2 I think. Have you tried it in the public beta? ibad
  3. No Worries. So why are we still using .bin files anyways. What about dmg? I've got an aujtomator action that makes a dmg file, then zips it automatically. That would solve the problem for good. No software needed to decompress the archive. Remember Stuffit expander doesn't come with Macs anymore - Is it even a universal binary? dunno ibad
  4. The file is a Macbinary, so you need stuffit expander to decompress it. Download it from: http://www.stuffit.com/mac/expander/ ibad
  5. CTD on JU as para. Just sitting there minding my own business about 7km from target. Thread 2 Crashed: 0 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x000379c0 fxSndSetKillCallback + 32 (crt.c:300) 1 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x0014f868 SmokeGrenadeSTO::~SmokeGrenadeSTO [in-charge deleting]() + 92 (crt.c:300) 2 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x0014dd0c clientReceiveServerTrackedObject(unsigned short, ACTION_OBJECT*) + 344 (crt.c:300) 3 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x000050c0 recvServerTrackedObjects(ACTION_OBJECT*) + 128 (crt.c:300) 4 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x00197078 doAction(int, REAL_TEUL_CALLBACK*, DATAGRAM_HEADER*, unsigned char*, int, unsigned, unsigned) + 496 (teulCallback.cpp:787) 5 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x001972cc teulDispatchCallback + 552 (teulCallback.cpp:887) 6 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x0019f1d4 dispatchAllCALLBACKs(ENDPOINT*, DATAGRAM_HEADER*, unsigned char*, int) + 116 (teulModRecv.cpp:1968) 7 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x0019fc84 executeCallbacks(ENDPOINT*, DATA_GRAM*) + 1288 (teulModRecv.cpp:2429) 8 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x0019fd44 routeCALLBACKs(ENDPOINT*) + 116 (teulModRecv.cpp:2237) 9 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x001a0034 runEndpoints(ENDPOINT*, unsigned, fd_set*, fd_set*, int) + 672 (teulModRecv.cpp:507) 10 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x001a031c idleSockets(int) + 552 (teulModRecv.cpp:1257) 11 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x001a0c5c teulModIdle + 256 (teulModRecv.cpp:2752) 12 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x00156c14 teulUpdateTransport + 100 (teulTransport.cpp:1273) 13 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x0003c1e0 UpdateInit() + 68 (crt.c:300) 14 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x0003c3f4 gmlpMainUpdate + 20 (crt.c:300) 15 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x00125260 ddpDraw + 104 (crt.c:300) 16 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x001260a4 ddpUpdate + 40 (crt.c:300) 17 com.playnet.ww2ol 0x001282d8 sysmain(void*) + 144 (crt.c:300) 18 ...ple.CoreServices.CarbonCore 0x90bc28b0 PrivateMPEntryPoint + 76 19 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9002b508 _pthread_body + 96 ibad OS 10.4.8 G5 2.5GM RAM
  6. Has anyone got the 5.1 sound to work properly from WWIIOnline? I've just got some Medusa 5.1 headphones (dog ate previous headphone wire) and was trying to use it whilst playing. Audio from things in front of me is much quieter than from the side, and there's marked quantization when an audio sound moves from one speaker to another. Appart from setting up the audi in the MIDI Audio setup application(and testing each speaker - The OS definitely sees the headphones as 5.1) is there anything else I can do. Clocking on 'Force Stereo' works fine from the setup program, but obviously I lose the 5.1 effect. The sound seems fine in other games, but I don't think I have any that use the full 5.1 Obviously the box didn't list them as mac compatible, but they are recognised automatically by the system - the PC driver box stayed safely stowed away in the box. Anything I can do? ibad
  7. This is the fifth time I've posted about this bug. It was present all throughout the 1.24 beta. ibad
  8. Textures not being drawn properly The rifle and arm textures are not being drawn when in sunlight, but are ok when inside a building. Screenshot from The arm, rifle, and building textures are not drawn in the screenshot ibad
  9. It sounds as though it's tried to apply an update and failed. did you get a "file not found 'noerr'" error?. This buggeres up the application package and you loose the icon. As the update failed you also cannot launch the program. You can just download the latest version 1.23.6 from ftp://downloads.wwiionline.com/wwiiol0001236.bin That is the full installer so should work fine. ibad
  10. Here's the latest version download ftp://downloads.wwiionline.com/wwiiol0001236.bin Try this ibad
  11. Open up the sound system preference and tick the input tab. Make sure your sound input is set to your microphone, not line in, or digital in - it depends on what kind of microphone you have. Also make sure you microphone is turned on...... (my headset has a switch to turn on the microphone) ibad
  12. Unfortunately that advice is a little out of date. When you downloaded the trial, there gets installed an application called playgate within the PlayNet folder. Run this, then from the Play menu select WWIIOnline and Play Axis, or Play Allied This will launch the game online. You'll need to enter your username and password (it can be remembered for you if you want) Once launched you can pick Allied or Axis and play the game. ibad
  13. How long have you left it before quitting? Sometimes it can take 30 deconds to tab out. Can you still hear the game sounds whilst the screen has frozen? I get that - it's normal. ibad
  14. All you need to do is set the game volume in the config app to about 5 (or less), then turn up your system volume. Teamspeex plays at the system volume, WWIIOnline plays at the game volume so you can hear both at the same time. ibad