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  1. Congrats!!
  2. Congratulations Doc - that is wonderful news.
  3. Very sad news - RIP and prayers to family and friends.
  4. November 2002- Allied Strike Team. Later merged with 7thto form 7thAST.
  5. Xoom - does CRS archive the achievement logs that are posted for stats? That’s where you would see the high numbers. I would suspect CRS saves logs for missions that hit certain thresholds for TOM, kills, caps, points etc. in case you want to review a players activity.
  6. Noticed the same thing a map or two ago -same player listed with like 6 missions of 1,000 to 2,000 points each - no kills, no caps, just a ton of TOM
  7. The real question is - How does one motivate a player to stick with a single side through an entire campaign? If the answers are all across the board then I am not sure what a trial will tell you other than players not logging in during the side lock trial in order to get the side lock question out of our system. Instead of side locking what would motivate a player to stay on one side? It might be the 80/20 rule - 80% stay one side and 20% like to move back and forth.
  8. Traveler go to this page for a quick view of the game when online and just click on the map. That's what I do when away from the PC to see the lines and see last cities taken. http://battlegroundeurope.net/home
  9. Launch game Determine side lock timer length Turn on Keurig /Load Mr. Coffee / or select adult beverage Select coffee cup / frosted mug Select roast of choice / beverage of choice launch teamspeak (optional) inform wife or significant you are entering game (20 to 90 seconds to convince) Pour coffee - cream / sugar optional, or adult beverage Check side lock timer Prepare to enter game Outlined in a light and humorous manner for all of us waiting at that damn screen.
  10. BLUR is not the issue with the jitters. The screen just locks up with a very clear image but you can not move but you still can hear the game sounds. I did turn off Core 1 and ran on a Core 0 last night and the jitters were not there - or at least I did not notice them nearly as much. I was getting the white map issue but the game was much smoother while in game. Will try again tonight when we have more players.
  11. Going to add my experience to the jittery discussion. Launched game June 3rd - first spawn was infantry in depot under light to medium HE fire. Spawned in at about 50 fps - took 1 step and frame froze for about 6 full seconds - could hear HE sounds but no movement. Then right back to 40 fps. Made way to ground - sprinted to first tree berm and in mid sprint the screen froze for about 3 seconds. Made way to tree berm - looks right and screen froze again for a second or two. Looked forward. Looked left - screen froze for less than 1 second. All the time fps staying roughly 20 to 40 fps with dips of 1 fps during the freezes. Later that night spawned AA gun Haybes during attack. Pushed out from deport, image froze for 2 seconds but could hear pushing sound. Took a turn, set up and when viewing left and right image would occasionally freeze. Full install for 1.30 Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 Asus P5WDH Deluxe Wireless Edition 2 x 1024MB Corsair DDR2-667 Samsung SyncMaster 20.1" Flat-Panel 5ms - LCD Monitor Nvidia 9800GTX Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic Seagate Barracuda 300GB SATAII