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  1. Same thing happening to me. Just got a brand new mac and downloaded the latest version of TS. Without it running, I'm getting 60-80fps, with it, it drops to 5-8fps. Here are my specs: iMac Retina 5K, 27inch, Late 2015 Processor 3.3GHz i5 Memory: 8GB Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M395X Teamspeak Version
  2. Just tried it... no luck either. Its like the game is reverting to straight default settings every time I load it. If I leave the xml file unlocked and read/write, it over-writes the file with a BRAND new xml from scratch, each time I open and close the game. Its like it's not even looking at the prefs file when its starting up and going in fresh with each instance of the game. Very weird
  3. The only thing that has changed since I last played is I added another 4GB of ram to the computer and I updated the OS. I'm using a 24" Samsung flatscreen set to 1080p @ 60hz Here's the xml I'm using:
  4. I'll try the read only trick. I tried locking the file and selecting "prevent editing" within the text edit. Thanks Zeke, good to see you again dude
  5. Well it seems the common fix is no longer compatible with OSX 10.9.3 I've tried a few dozen times to get this to work correctly, but every time I open the BE launcher, it overwrites the existing xml file and creates a new one from scratch - losing all of my settings and reverting back to 640x480 screen resolution. Freaking annoying. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. CTD'd, then a bunch of Connection to host Re-established, then I got this weird one: Cell Host (60035): ?connect.error.txf? - It despawned me through the normal despawn camera and then I couldn't get back into the brigade. I also lost connection to TS, but then reconnected... Any ideas?
  7. I talked to you online today about it, but I haven't upgraded to Lion yet and was having the sound issues.
  8. Its a sad day, but what a world he helped shape. One of the most visionary people of our time. He will be missed, but his legacy will live long beyond even OUR years...
  9. Any chance we can get an offline version to check out the weapons and whatnot?
  10. I'll take a 109-e4 or a 110, whichever you need more