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  1. S! host squad ran over by a lot so not sure what finsih date was for us...put 16th for the sake of it. Rough intake going on numbers before and after host squad shows we took on around 500 not counting those that left the squad, cant be much more specific after it ran on over a few days we kinda stopped paying attention to the numbers side. Very much up and down regards sides, some nights we had around 20 recruits all axis and vice versa on others. With those that seemed to enjoy allied side we managed to recruit around 7 to the squad, got them on ts etc and around 20 or so that didnt mind talking on chat left the squad but seemed interested in subbing. The vast majority of axis players who we .grabbed were unresponsive bar one or two who wanted to lone wolf on axis side for a bit. Some good old timers and 13th NCO's managed to do a lot of chatting to recruits when they asked questions and many seemed intrigued by the game once some basic stuff was explained.
  2. Ahoy hoy, 13th still seem to be host 3 days after scheduled date 1/7 - 1/11 = 13th Inf Just a wee reminder post
  3. lol i'll have you know I have put a lot of work into getting my internal organs into this condition.... liver like a prune and a heart like a pork pie...just the way I like it
  4. checking in
  5. Rgr I think some contacts are busy atm as have had no reply....If a 91st member can contact me regarding a current available contact for you we will get the show on the road...ty
  6. S! need contact from 91st to pm me regarding a date for match. Jammy is busy on several dates coming up so the only friday we can do this month is the 26th. Thankyou
  7. 13th vote we go with 5 matches
  8. agreed for 13th, Sunday the 19th at 9pm BST, 4EDT
  9. great fun tonight folks!
  10. Ok Thanks for the advice folks. Buying my set-up tommorow, think I'll end up going for the CH yoke now, mainly because of the money difference. Plus I can always add on a sepperate throttle quadrant at a later date if I like. Thaks again......await my review "gulp"
  11. completely torn between saitek and ch set-up. Heard of more probs with Saitek but prefer the look of it.....absurd basis to buy something like this maybe but I cant make up my mind. Looks like a coin toss
  12. Hi, I am hopeing to buy the Saitek Pro yoke, rudder pedals and throttle in the next few days to a week and I wondering if all works well for this kind of set-up in game. Wondering if there are any long term probs or config probs I should know before shelling out a load of money! Any advice would be appreciated!