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  1. Ever been to spokane? lol
  2. Its the drivers and w64 bit compatibility me thinks, happens on some of my comps but other with older drivers it doesn't half the time of them are 32bit only... and nvidia and ati cards on both sides. Me thinks its the game and the drivers mixed somehow... I wouldn't use 197.45 from nvidia until its been tested by CRS or someone else, im still using 192.21 from 3/23/10 and its stable all day.
  3. Yes it does it's just under a new fancy submenu control panel / Programs / Uninstall or change program.
  4. I'll be there'
  5. True that, an added plus to the fun side is the mixture of fun and tactics. That's where I've noticed skill increases and having an assigned wingman and a group working together really helps.
  6. Should work fine.
  7. Sure thang beaz, Ugh... I hate how they make the names up seriously WTH happened to voodoo and name recognition this numbers bs I sometimes think i'm buying a BMW 7800sli lol I'll take you up on that offer this week beaz. I'll price em out and get my research on before then. I'm thinking Nvidia 250,260 or 270 series now. My pc came with one, I know how to update them and less pain I think im gonna stay with them for now. Only thing I dont know is if the dang 2 slot cards would fit on my motherboard... I have a one slot pciE 16 2.0 slot with the g210 in it now pictured above in the forum. Will one of those g250+ cards fit? ugh.
  8. Sweet thanks for advice, I wish they could make the market easier to know whats goin on there lol
  9. I have that same card in my Rig it came with it... no sound card in the rig it uses nvidias HD drivers.I'm looking to upgrade this week, I got 200-250$ budget what do you think would be a good buy Nvidia wise? Sound card needed? I'm not at my house to post advanced specks on the road atm... but I know general off top of my head... wins7 64bit Asus m4a78l-m motherboard 8gb ram 3.0 ghz dual core AMD athlon 2 processors pci E x16 2.0 slot It has a 420w power supply and If need be Ill get a new one for the vidcard can anyone suggest a good combo vid card and powersupply? Geforce PNY 9800GT EE sounds nice is it newer i see it doesn't have dx11 support though. Im so confused with the new gfx cards lol I'll post my advanced specs if need be tomorrow.
  10. classic compatibility.
  11. Nvidia 280 1gb or ATI HD 5770 1gb GFX card? Which one should I choose? Heard alot of praise for ATI "customer choice" for the hd 5770 1gb models and Not alot of praise for Nvidia GT cards on the forums but I also hear ATI hates wwiiol with its drivers what does one do!!! I have the power supply bought 8gb of ram in all i need is the card help me decide! Dual core 3.0 ghz AMD athlon 2 processors 8 gb RAM Asus m4a78l-m motherboard wins7 64bit 650w power supply
  12. Is it the 1gb 5770 ? Im thinking of getting one of those... i have 4gb ram AMD athlon II processor dual core @ 3.0 hoping a GFX card with 1gb ram will boost my FPS. I've only heard great things about the 5770 and nvidia 250 1 gb versions.
  13. I was thinking of getting a ATI HD 5670 1GB is that pretty good? I saw it came ou tin january...
  14. Dont seem to like wwiiol sound, I have a {fac installed} g210 from nvidia its 512mb all drivers are fine, direct x 11 wins7 64 bit the game on comp vista service pack 2 and when respawning in after about an hour the sound disappears and all I hear is white noise... its every annoying. Sometimes itll go for hours, then itll dump. Doesnt do it to TS3 or anyother game I have... Im going to get a new card asap does anyone recommend staying away from combo cards? Or is it the GeForce 210 just sucks> ? lol