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  1. Yeah, I was thinking about that "founder's" badge or whatever it was, since we macs all missed out on the "Day One" badge. I was a beta tester for the Mac, and played since then, but that still missed day one by, what, a year? And now again. whatever. ____________________
  2. There's a 1-hour limit on trials? I didn't know that... I thought the game was free to play for rifle-only play after the trial, doesn't seem like that would work with 1-hour-limit... ____________________
  3. Yep. ____________________
  4. Cmd-H is standard mac for "Hide" the program, works for most of us. ____________________
  5. I usually go stright to their ftp server to get the update files, I have convinced myself the download is faster that way...sometimes I find it before it is even announced/linked on the site Anyway, today I went looking for the patch and there was none. I got the same error you got when I tried to launch, so the server is telling the client to get a patch that isn't there. Either they forgot to upload the Mac patch, or they haven't built the Mac version yet, or the server isn't properly recognizing that the PC version needs a patch, and the Mac version doesn't. Ah, well. Our computers look cooler than theirs. ____________________
  6. Make sure the option to remember name & password is enabled. It is a pain to tpe them in all the time. I know BLOO likes it the other way because people were always forgetting their passwords and he had a lot of requests whenever someone patched or reinstalled, but we Mac users aren't like that. Thanks, ____________________
  7. I got no problem a couple days ago using an ftp program to connect to Maybe it's just a temporary server hiccup. DOC said something on the forums the other day about not being able to update the main page due to some hacking, or a "disk full" error, or both, or something. ____________________
  8. D'oh! ____________________
  9. So I launch the beta, get into Dinant about 1 minute before it changes ownership to Axis, hear a bunch of MG fire, see the muzzleflash lighting up a building wall a couple hundred yards away, go into a building to peek out window, see an Allied player with fire-bug standing there, shoot him, get a kill credit on AHWULF and the game *immediately* freezes for a long time before finally crashing. I don't think CRS should punish players for being awesomer than them. I can't help being awesome. ____________________
  10. If you have a laptop laying around, you can TS on it, and have control over game volume vs TS volume, which is *great* when you are driving a truck or flying a plane and want to talk with others. Or when in a heavy battle and lots of guns firing, like when guarding an FB and lots of EA and AA fighting. ____________________
  11. Crazy weird commie commas and decimal points making comprehension of math impossible. ____________________
  12. You should be more difficult to please. ____________________
  13. Just an FYI, if you use an FTP client you can download the above linked full install about 500% faster. I started the download over http just to see how fast it was, and it was sloooooooow. So I started my ftp client, and even with the http download still going and using bandwidth, the ftp client was 5x speed. So I cancelled the http download. FTP was done in about 5 minutes. ____________________
  14. Wow. Sounds are so different, so much better. Sounds in the distance have a sort of, I don't know, echo-ey, 3D feel to them. It's hard to describe. I have a 2.1 sound system. It's an Altec Lansing that cost like $150 12 or 13 years ago, and still kicks ***, for a 2.1 system Should I get a 5.1 or 7.1 surround now? If so, what do I need to know to make the right choice for WWIIOL, and for Macs in general. Hardware Overview: Model Name: Mac Pro Model Identifier: MacPro1,1 Processor Name: Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor Speed: 2.66 GHz Number Of Processors: 2 Total Number Of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per processor): 4 MB Memory: 3 GB Bus Speed: 1.33 GHz Boot ROM Version: MP11.005D.B00 SMC Version (system): 1.7f10 Serial Number (system): G87462HW0GP Hardware UUID: 00000000-0000-1000-8000-0017F20F3B2C Intel High Definition Audio: Audio ID: 12 Available Devices: Line Out: Connection: 1/8-Inch Jack Headphone: Connection: 1/8-Inch Jack Line In: Connection: 1/8-Inch Jack Speaker: Connection: Internal S/P-DIF Out: Connection: Optical S/P-DIF In: Connection: Optical ____________________
  15. Bushes are not cover, they are concealment. It's an important distinction in certain conversations, so you should get those terms right. ____________________