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  1. Great idea but I have to wonder how many of the "newbs" would actually watch it before spawning in? I think the typical newb experience goes more like this: 1) Download game 2) install game 3) try it out 4) if the game is fun, then look into learning more on how to play. Most will think they don't need to learn anything as they have played countless other war/FPS games. So while training videos would most certainly be a good idea, I think they would pail in comparison to having IN game voice comms. The only hard part of this would be the non-English speaking new comers.
  2. I like all the tiers but wished the progression was a bit faster myself.
  3. I am not even sure what a mulrti acount is?
  4. Multiple accounts also add to increased SD and longer Cap timers, and my guess is they are responsible for the Wild fluctuations of each during low-pop. Park your clone account into a depot and you get instant notification that the depot the clone is on is being capped. Gamey at best.
  5. One thing about the free accounts. Not sure why they cannot help assist cap a depot, or set a fms. These are things that are fundamental to game play, and it seems like we are encouraging just even more snipers. Also, if the free play players cannot cap, why do their numbers contribute to the cap timer equation?
  6. Easy fix, afk and at map should not factor into the spawn/cap timer equation at all. No need to boot anybody, just fix the math. Additionally,,,,,, Enter world should refresh the timers instantaneously Exit world should only be refreshed after 2 minutes.
  7. Why would they do that? No one is suggesting that they be allowed to switch uniforms. The catch is you could never resupply that captured weapon, and be forced to drop your own weapon, or face a stamina penalty.
  8. I would be happy if AB's and Depots acted like ammo box's and you could re-supply without de-spawning. Why this isn't incorporated I don't know.
  9. Well, you could code it so any dropped weapon has only one full clip available, and disappears after a pre-determined period of time (most likely tied to when the dead body disappears), this eliminates a lot of the coding/tracking nightmare, but yeah, seems like a lot of work.
  10. Enterworld bug, it happens with the last available unit of that type but it will happen with several left if you are dropping packets. Again, as I have already pointed out, the most common occurrence of the enter bug is spawning in from a depot. Don't try to minimize the problem. As the availability of preferred units are quite often 2 from a depot, this is a HUGE issue. Its rate of occurrence is much much higher when faced with high SD. Fix it. Multiple accounts, I just tested on a test server with 5 accts on this rig. Ping was the same across all 5 and was the same on 1st as when it was the only one online. All are HC on that server so was getting chat spammed with HC notifications as well. With 5 spawned in my fps did drop into the 30s and 40s but yea I was running 5 clients simultaneously. Ok, great, you tested it on YOUR RIG. Not everyone is running "YOUR RIG" with your Internet connection. That's the rub. Who knows what firewall settings, anti-virus settings, connection speed, etc etc some of these players have. You can't draw any type of conclusion from such a limited test, you have to collect actual in game data. I guess I can start posting game clips to show you what I am seeing, would that help? Note: current version is only displaying 1 way ping ie ½ actual. Next patch will show full ping and I think quicker polling(not 100% sure on the quicker polling but to me it looks so), so everone's ping will double from what the game shows now. And next patch does have changes to the netcode, we are still refining it. Played last night with the new patch. Ping averages around 50, but bounces between 25-75. Never once did it go orange.
  11. Taking the server offline will have negtive effects as well, as people that tend to trickle in will be put off waiting for the numbers to reach the point that the server would be brought "back online". Where population might normally be suffice at 8 am, it will eventually then get pushed back to 8:30 am, then 9:00 am then 9:30 am, etc etc. Net effect will be a slow death. Better solution is to lock game play to FB only, no town caps in low pop situations. Another possibility is to only allow one AO for both sides, give them a two hour window, and it the side with the active AO fails to capture the town, the opposing side now has the AO for two hours. This will at least slow the roll, because once the OP side essentially soft caps a town, they have a two hour wait until they can do it again. Chances are a good majority of the OP side will either log off, or begin to attack FB's, essentially auto balancing the sides, or at least make it easier for a few to defend. Server will not need to be taken down, and the restrictions are lifted once Low pop is overcame. also takes a lot less coding than any of the other mentioned "fixes".
  12. Err, yeah, but sorry not even close. So many assumptions here you got wrong, I don't even know where to start. "Now can the lag and late deaths be replicated? Yes we could replicate in some instances but multiple accts on the same machine was not one of them." Try playing in TZ3, because I see it almost every night. And I am not alone. And it is always the same players, but not all the players. What players is it you ask? Oddly enough, it's the players playing multiple accounts. Could it be that these players also just happen to have bag connections? Possible, yes, but awfully and extremely coincidental, don't you think? And it's just not me that is seeing this problem with these players either, so the "it's happening on my end argument gets thrown out the window. "1 clue it's you is you see everyone start warping or get jiggly in movement, the other is your little white connection line starts getting shorter. Also, if you are getting the "enter world button bug" and there was still several of the unit you picked in the list or you get the stalled death cam where it starts spinning out, stops, then starts the spinout again." As for the warping argument, it's not all the players that are warping around, it is just one, with the others working just fine, disproving your theory. If I have 5 soldiers in my field of view, and only one is warping, it means the problem is happening on your side, not mine. The enter world bug almost always happens at a depot, when supply lists are limited (maybe only 2 Sterns, etc, in spawn list). It's a known bug. Most likely caused by multiple players being stuck in SD purgatory, with some of these attempting to spawn in the same low supply unit, giving the server a massive brain fart. Fix it. Or, get rid of the spawn delay which exacerbates the problem. Sorry, but your going out of your way here to try to come out with scenarios that simply are not true. Why? "Enter world bug.... If you pick the last of the unit in list, last rifle, last lmg left in the spawn list then you will have to click the enter world button twice to spawn. If during that process you lose that last unit then your connection dropped out. " Not the problem, and you know it. My ping is always around 15-20 ms, have tested my Internet connection across multiple locations and and different times of the day. Has nothing to do with my internet connection "dropping out". Has everything to do with the server having a brain fart. "It's impossible for us to test every possible user setup as well." But it is possible for you to MONITOR real world, in game performance. Are we seeing an increase in ping/drop packets/etc in game when multiple accounts are being used? It's not hard. Log this info, make it public. Bottom line is we can't know what software everyone is running to test against every possible setup. No one is asking that, but a re-evaluation of how connection speeds are monitored and forced de-spawns are deployed is not platform specific.
  13. LOL. You don't get it. Why would you see it on your machine? Do you think the guys we see warping all over the place on the map are experiencing that locally? To the multitude of posters claiming to run multiple accounts without difficulty, I have no doubt your computer can handle it locally, but that does not mean the CRS servers are getting the information, processing it, and passing it along to the rest of the player base in a timely fashion. In a game in which if your are killed or made a kill can be decided by fractions of a second, I would think this would be priority number one.
  14. I don't see where I ever claimed it was only created by running two accounts. Your reply says a lot though, as you are not denying that it in fact does.
  15. Have not seen one person in this thread deny playing two or more accounts introduces lag. Have not seen anyone deny that some players are misusing it either, rather we get the "few bad apples argument". That in and off itself says a ton.