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  1. Yes, I am a subscriber. Would love to see what you have proposed, post the link. Another thing I would like to see fixed is that after you set a fms, you have to wait ten seconds to despawn, then if your over pop, another 30 seconds to spawn back in. I mean, COME ON CRS!!!!!. Add a enter bug to that equation, and it's over a minute to get back in game, and by that time the FMS is camped. And let the trucks with machine guns mounted set fms so they can at least do something, seeing how the driver is glued to the drivers seat.
  2. The flip side of that is it promotes a style of game play not conducive to the way the game should be played. It encourages more people to hide like cowards and snipe, rather than run the risk of dieing rushing a bunker or depot.
  3. There are actually a LOT of others way to counter the over population problems without instituting spawn delays, and or cap timers. It just takes more coding. Spawn delays and cap timers are hack fixes that can be changed with minimal effort on the coding front. Another problem is spawn delays should be regional, not global. A two on two battle (or 4 on 4) on a secondary AO should not be faced with a 30 sec spawn delay because one side is over pop in a battle half way across the continent. Can we for once try something other than Spawn Delays and Cap timers? some of the things you could try. 1) adjust Fms placement distances based on population (if overpop, can only setup 1k yards out, if underpop 500 yards, etc etc). 2) add FMS timers ( a placed fms is only up for a predetermined period of time before it disappears, and this time is adjusted based on population) 3) adjust the weapon pool (strong emphasis on auto weapons) up or down based on population. If your overpop, you get less auto's. 4) adjust stamina ratings 5) adjust ai accuracy and strength based on population. And these are just things that come to mind without giving it much thought.
  4. What's the deal with waiting your 30 seconds, and then when you hit enter game, the enter button go's grey, and your still not in game. Wait another 20 seconds or so, it go's back green, and maybe this time you can enter. This is a total PITA.
  5. Yes, but for some reason when traveling West to East, it's always uphill
  6. crashing to desktop after latest
  7. Get rid of stats available to the player base altogether, suddenly people don't care (nor should they) about stats. Would improve game play by eliminating those only playing for themselves and help encourage team play, and (gasp) winning a map.
  8. forgive my ignorance but at times i can not keep up with all the abbreviation and slang. What is a Statmor? (no disrespect intended).
  9. Double the numbers of AOs available per population Great, so allies can lost towns twice as fast in TZ3, careful what you ask for.
  10. But how noise travels is greatly affected by solid objects such as trees, etc, not to mention if your behind a mountain. I don't think this is factored into the game at all.
  11. What is a PPOFB? And if both can set, then would we see PPOFB to PPOFB battles? Can tanks spawn in at a PPOFB? if not this is the worse idea I have ever heard, but if they can, I am listening........
  12. You left out communication and situational awareness.
  13. I am going to respectfully disagree, but that all comes down to just how Underpop and low pop you are. It doesn't take a rocket scientist on the Axis side to figure out they have the advantage in numbers (cap timers do that for them). So if Axis is trying to defend a town with 7 people and Axis are attacking with 14, losing two people on the allied side to go setup a fms, etc etc, wait to cap, etc, is all just wasted time while the DO town gets overwhelmed. They could get the same interaction (the players that wanted an AO, and at least serve some purpose, if they instead attacked an EFB that was supplying the town that was under attack. I am not going to claim it never works as you suggest, but I will claim it is much more often a liability than it is an asset.
  14. Fighting on only the allied side, and almost always in TZ3 (possible exception on some weekends), your dealing with philosophical differences of what the priority should be. When underpop and low pop, any AO is a joke, and has no business even existing IMHO. It's not an unwillingness to do the work for an AO, rather a belief that is not were one's focus should be at that particular time. In such situations the best thing one can do if not wanting to play defense is to work on FB management. But yet we are forced to have at least one AO.
  15. I think the vast majority of these players are the new players to the game, and a couple of stat mongers. The trouble is, communicating with the new player base is almost impossible in game, they don't respond.