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  1. Squadron Recruitment Bump!
  2. 19 Squadron still recruiting! Join today and bash the Boche! Merry Christmas!
  3. New campaign bump! http://19squadron.darkbb.com/ Join the Brylcreem Boys of Fighter Command! Wear your top button undone! Bag some dastardly Huns! Wear a cravat! Drink tea!
  4. Bumpidy bumpidy bumpidy bump!
  5. New campaign recruitment bump! EP1cMKHe31A
  6. Join 19 Squadron today and take the fight right into the heart of Germany! For England and Saint George!
  7. 19RAF is still recruiting dashing and heroic Spitfire Pilots! Join 19RAF today, drink tea* and shoot those Fockes down! qAvPH3O9zmA *Must buy your own tea, standard NAAFI rates apply.
  8. [Nothing to see here - F ]
  9. Recruitment bump! EP1cMKHe31A 19RAF is looking for chaps that want to fly Spitfires and give those sausage guzzlers a damn good thrashing!
  10. S! Thanks for the compliments, glad you enjoyed it.