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  1. So if the vis limit for infantry is lower than usual, does that also mean we can't kill Infantry while level bombing (as we can't see them) - short of landing next to them, taxiing past and doing a drive-by with the rear gun?
  2. Air icon issue seems to have been fixed for me, good show!
  3. I get this too, also long range Halos are sometimes filled grey squares.
  4. I think you can reverse controls by holding down Ctrl when you set the control in the keymap - I know my rear gunner y axis was reversed and thats how I sorted it anyway (and my right rudder break pedal used to be reversed as well.)
  5. I fell through the earth in a Hurricane IIc while taxiing out of the Hangar at Brussels Airfield a few sorties ago, thankfully I 'bailed out' while 10ft under ground. Not sure if that's the same bug you mean though. Here's the sortie: http://csr.wwiionline.com/scripts/services/persona/sortie.jsp?sid=1716860&pid=618859&page=1