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  1. Maybe you need to coordinate with HC and they need to coordinate with the players. By doing this, you set FMS up before the AO is set. If you run only 4 trucks in then you will only see light EWS going off in the town. it requires planning and coordination. This is a simulation is it not? Prepping and coordination. That's the key. Maybe even scouting in advance. CRS how about a scout plane that was suggested before. This would add another aspect to the game. Me, personally would love to fly one. CRS how about the PPO FBs that were suggested also by me. 3 levels of FBs, etc.
  2. I do it a little different. Start DISCORD 1st with ADMIN level running. Which is set at the icon. Right clik it. Start WWII, ADMIN level TOO. <ALT>tab and pull up DISCORD. Opens settings in bottom left of DISCORD Open GAMES Turn the little window symbol for overlay on then off then on again. There is a similar repeat just below the top one and I repeat 6 and leave it on. Then I go to OVERLAY and cycle/toggle it off then on. Leaving it on. BACK TO GAME. Typically this works. The overlay will show up about 5 seconds later when you get back to game. If not, I repeat 3 to 9.
  3. NO to the FRU. I never could understand how a few boxes could spawn a whole brig. of inf. and it could be moved all over the place easily. If you did have it. You should limit the amount that could spawn. Lets say 10 - 15 max. Squad size and no more than 5 FRU per 3k target area. Good for a quick sneak charge. Coordination a must. I am all for the FMS with some mods. Maybe a redesign of the FMS. 25% - 35% smaller. The opening moved to the right or left so you get a better cover when inside. And maybe have a PPO of bushes so you can camo it more. When you spawn in, you are INSIDE of it. And maybe have a berm in front by the opening so you have some more cover when coming in. Cuts the camping fire down a little. Gives the spawned a chance of surviving more. You will have to work where the atg and aaa show up and move out of the FMS area. maybe have an AI LMG at the front opening that will guard it. This could be a 2 edged sword. It could also give away position somewhat.
  4. It all comes down to. These locations have supply, because they can spawn things in it with the proper supply kit. Sooo, why cant they RE-supply?
  5. Well the axis already have this. Its called the 88mm gun. It can effectively shoot 2.5k+ away. I personally have been killed by something that far away. Assumed it was the 88 gun. Didn't the allied (without the US) have big guns in the war??
  6. Was only trying to make a simple change as in comparison to an extensive work in code. Taking the AO/DO away is so much more simpler code wise than what you suggest. This would be an easy fix and your thoughts could be more down the line. Good suggestions tho.
  7. They are at the final tier of research and the war has progressed faster than it.
  8. Maybe they cant separate it that specific. A global reset as in comparison to specific resets (tanks, inf, etc.)
  9. I just cant figure out what they are thinking.
  10. At INTERMISSION time: To start with, it is NOT a winnable scenario. If you take a town, so what. If you stop the battle, where is the fun in that? By having a battle going on you get points for kills. Hone your skills and just overall have fun. So, if you take their eFB, you stop the battle. No more fun of the fight. So, if you recap their spawn CP, you stop the battle. No more fun of the fight. So, if you get their eFMS, you stop the battle. No more fun of the fight. Why do people do that during the INTERMISSION? Just plain stupid. And it makes people not play during INTERMISSION. Our population decreases immensely during this time. You SQUAD and HC leadership need to teach your people the proper etiquette of INTERMISSION fighting. Hey HC, why did you set up a SOFTCAP during INTERMISSION? WTF? A SOFTCAP, be real people. This is something HC should NOT have done. And another thing. Why take ANTWERP during the INTERMISSION? Your not going to win a map! It is not strategic! etc....! There was some epic battles during the INTERMISSION. I had more fun during the slug fest than I had thru the whole campaign. Please try and not stop the battles. Place AOs where it will be a good slug fest that has some decent terrain too.
  11. We need a better resupply system in the game.
  12. Ever try and get a AO/DO on a bridge during the day? Its like pulling teeth. At nite, just as bad but in a different way. Seldom when asking does it happen, cause HC is focused elsewhere. Just feel lucky when you get an answer as to who is running the map. Half the time or worse, HC wont listen to you. Point out a FUBAR situation and they get defensive. You come back the next day and you were right and many towns gone.....
  13. Maybe add some bushes to the sides. Or have it so an engy (or someone else) can gather some bushes from surrounding shrubs. They would last 1 hour after cutting them from the original bush. So, with this method give you more camo for the FMS. The original bush would not go away as you would be trimming it in a way, so to speak. Gathering bush branches should be relatively quick. Each action should take 30 seconds to gather and same to place.
  14. But you are not getting more points. You will only get 10 points with this scenario, not the max possible. End result, not many will put that much effort into. I really don't see the grieving here. Back in the day when a fairmille could get you 30 points per one shot at a bridge, despawn and rinse/repeat. Then it was worth it. Took me a couple of hours to get up in navy ranks. But at 10 points per rinse/repeat. No way I would have put in 6+ hours to do the same ranking. It was extremely BORING. Did I say it was BORING doing that for a few hours?
  15. And it would take all day long. Flight time and accuracy. 20+ minutes minimum per run. In reality, bridges and AF are not that close to each other.