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  1. Q: is this where CRS says it will happen SOON (tm)(c)(ca)(r)(ul)(pat pend)?
  2. The complaint here is that a full run and fire is totally wrong. And the weight here is also wrong. It is 42+ pounds, not counting ammo and loadout. So, let me see you RUN full out, go up stairs and kill many. AT A FULL RUN.
  3. this order has been in effect for a more than a decade. So you want it to change cause someone cant hit the right key??? Really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. and several Axis weapons use AP. The BAR is the only Allied weapon.
  5. More like the side that has the most consistent population. At present I guess it is 60/40.
  6. My guess is axis. As of the last 20 camp wins (#140-#159): AXIS 12 ALLIED 07 Truce (or missing data) #154 01 This info came directly from the WIN HISTORY LIST. Here is the link for you to see for yourself. Totals for all camps: Truce (or missing data) or undecided: 06 Axis 78 Allies 75 Looking at the numbers. Axis has been doing great for the last 20. If you look at the overall statistics for recorded champagnes. We are not far apart. For what I have heard thru intel, Axis are more coordinated than the Allies. They communicate better and Leadership is good. the Axis player base seem to guard more of their captures, guard their own CPs and do a unified advance. Well DONE Axis. You've have shown how to do it. Now if Allies get off their collective arsses, we will KICK YOURS OFF THE MAP. HOOAH !
  7. No AO or DO. Just make it fixable and destroyable. Like the AI. No waiting, no timers, etc. So the bridge can go up and down at will. And delem can fly all over the map and do his thing.
  8. It looks like there is a 60-40 pop in the game. Axis being the favored side. Hopefully 1.36 will come out quickly and maybe it will pull some oldtimers back. But if falls under the umbrella of the dreaded 'SOON'.
  9. but the plane itself does not give the sapper new ammo.
  10. The reason most people that were subscribers went F2P is because of the things that are not getting fixed. Its the SOON attitude. Someday, somewhere, it might happen. We have gotten tired of it. So. I will come back, very definite maybe'ish.
  11. Seeing as how the rifle can carry a (1) HE charge. Why not add a (1) REPAIR kit too. This will make them just slightly more useful, but not a game changer. AND how about one weekend a month that they have greater access to more equipment. Lets say up to tier 2 as it comes available. From 1700 Friday server time to 0000 hours sunday night server time.
  12. This is not even addressing the scatter of the rounds. OH, BTW, WIKKI says they are all designed to shoot at 200m to 2km. NOT close in.
  13. This 25+ pounds machinegun is way overused in this game. Yes it can be hip fired, BUT, it cant accurately shoot at a run or walk It weighs 25+ pounds, with ammo more and load out of individual. This guys is carrying lots of heavy stuff. Now try running and shooting,. THIS IS TOTAL BS That is why I joined the ranks of F2P
  14. The straight wall sand bags need to be able to stack one on another. Or have a double high sandbag wall. And the spawn in point on the FMS is to far away from the FMS entrance.
  15. This is the game suggestions isn't it? As for doing it now, I knew it would be near impossible if not worse. Thought we were working towards new engine with lots of bells and whistles. Guess I was wrong. Oh well. Looks like suggestions are not welcome any more. Time to leave.