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  1. Thank kind sir.
  2. And the 1st thing I said was training server.
  3. Nice idea, but it doesn't show where there are cliffs or steep inclines, etc. If you were to plan on where you would like to set and FMS up or place some artillery. You would like to know where you can take advantage of the terrain or avoid because it takes a long time to climb a hill in a tank, etc.
  4. I was more interested in the training server. I am well aware that offline you can do most anything.
  5. Yes they are PB, but they can get to Gen. from a Sgt. and be promoted thru HC but not thru earning points. Sorry you took offense. One put the time in, the killings, etc. to get there. HC on the other hand passes out rank. Not the same thing.
  6. The training server would be nice to, as squaddies can join for practice.
  7. The really sad thing is that other games supply this information. We really need to bring the game to a new level. TOPO maps are needed.
  8. As an LtCol for 15 years plus. I think just for putting the time in I should be able to rank up. Non HC should be able to get to 3rd level General. Maybe with some other kind of symbol for rank that differentiates from the HC General rank. BTW, the HC are handed a General rank, whereas the PB has to EARN IT. So, the PB would be REAL Generals as in comparison to the HC Generals who are paper Generals. CRS the PB need to be able to continue up in ranks. It gives us something more to look forward to. That's my story and Im sticking to it.
  9. CRS thanks for addressing this issue and coming up with a solution. HOOAH
  10. Same for bombing. It gives you 10 points per direct hit on bridge, 10 points. So, you drop a whole load or 1 bomb and then fly back and RTB to get your points. RINSE/REPEAT. Now let me ask you how long that took to get your points to go up in rank? It is definitely a big time waster for ranking up. Then you have to take into the fact the enemy maybe flying near by. Not a valid argument for air points.
  11. Need in the TRAINING SERVER and OFFLINE play access to these towns. A brig from each nationality should be in each town or somehow access to these places. Because they are only AXIS, the ALLIES cannot view what its like. So we are effectively banned from these areas. I for one would like to see it, but are NOT ALLOWED due to distances, AO placements, lack of supplies, etc. etc.
  12. A .own command tells you what is happing with the bridge. As for someone doing something against the wishes of HC, most likely that would be a GREENTAG who would generally get BORED quickly and lose interest. Yes someone will screw up, but overall this would not be a problem. The one to watch would be the spy and according to CRS that is rare.
  13. Is there any work on this? If nothing else, the gate should face out to hamper the incoming traffic, not the outgoing traffic.
  14. and practice on the training server, so you don't waste supply
  15. No equipment change on this install. Read the road map.