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  1. Would love to have Axis have Tier 0 and Tier 1 Tank balance. BUT, it that happens then the Allies should get Tier 2.3.4 have tank balance too. Like something comparable to the Tiger, etc....
  2. How about the NO Kill PAKS. Hit them front end with any kind of ATG/TANK rounds and SUDDENLY nothing happens. Or hit them with LMG type rounds, many many times. Me I am in a ATG gun. Main guns round lands near me and I die. Or a SMG, LMG hits me front end and I die within 5 rounds. I once put from a Viky HUNDREDS (300+) rounds, both main gun and lmg. SUDDENLY NOTHING HAPPENS
  3. I double dog dare you.
  4. I almost peeeeeed my pants.
  5. Anything being done about this????????
  6. When someone else has set up the FMS in your mission and you didn't realize that there is an FMS and you spawn in. OMG the frustration. CRS fix the damn thing.
  7. I feel that we are going down the rabbit hole. This will turn into a pay to win. Which will in turn kill the game even more.
  8. XOOM Didn't have his coffee yet and wife is biatching and the kids are roudy. <<<<<<<<<<<< As to the person attacking the game. This game has been around for 18 years now. Yup it is going to fail. LOL Your 2 hours of play time doesn't even come close to understanding the game. It is nothing like all those other games on the market today. It is a strategy game. Not a point and shoot. Requires planning. I see new players (greentags) come into the game and all they do is shoot at anything. They don't answer you when you try to message them. They wont get on the COMMO software (DISCORD) that is set up to play with. So, how do you help them enjoy when they don't want to understand. Answer me that, you can.
  9. As is, you get 10 points for every DESPAWN. So, you come to a bridge and want to destroy it. You put one charge on it and then get back to the FMS or DEPOT and despawn. Travel time to despawn point or RTB in place. ZERO to 30 seconds. 10 seconds to despawn. if no SD then you come back and move into position to place charges. 15 seconds 'ish. With all this in mind, it typically takes about for 500 points (50x and bridge is NOT repaired yet) 30 seconds per turnaround 1500 seconds (25 minutes) or longer. That's not taking into account any enemy near by. So 500 points is not much when you need 10000. Which will take HOURS to accomplish. If you want to spend 5 hours to get 10000 points, go for it. But most will not stay in one place to do it. And a lot of players are maxed out on points so it has no meaning to them. F2P doesn't mean much either as they cant go up in rank.
  10. I have suggested this before. There should be no AO/DO on bridges. Manual action required.
  11. Oh wow. Played beta at a friends house, He had a server so we had a squad in the same room. Shouting at each other doing stupid stuff. Well that got me hooked, had to buy a puter, but that took me a few years. Money was tight. 2003/4? got into the game again. What a difference it was. Joined 12th Royals. (not lancers) What a great bunch of guys. Anyone remember Starship (CO) (I think)? Hey Im old so my memory is a little flaky, ok ok, I am flaky all the time..... I miss them all. Now in 101st ABN. Loving every minute of it. The squad is the only reason I play. Without them and the comradeship, this would not be fun. CRS how about making squads more important all over again. It is the only way I think this game will survive. And get rid of F2P and make it a DEMO time. 1 weekend a month only (Friday 1700hrs to Monday 0000hrs server time). With up to tier 2 equipment (specific to demo people only). After a weekend of playing they should know if they are going to stick around or not, and PAY TO PLAY. $4.99, $9.99, $14.99 per month. For as little as a few cups of coffer per month.
  12. Giving them free BINOs and paying people have to spend months of playing to get them, Seems fair (ya right) If you want stuff, farkin pay to play
  13. How is it that axis can shoot over 2k+, see the target and destroy it. allies cant even see the target at 2k (gunners position) Why is it the commander, pusher/loader can see so much better than the gunner. The gunner should have the same or better optics.
  14. You have to decide what kind of game this is. * a point and shoot game? * a strategy game? = more realism Ever since this game started it has been a realism strategy style game. So Mcafeed. what is it you are looking for? Sounds to me a Point and Shoot.