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  1. Allied losses: It took these amount of days for the campaign Camp 151 = ALLIED loss only took 13 days. Camp 150 = 30 days Camp 149 = 15 days Camp 148 = 22 days Camp 147 = 07 days What stalemate? Longest map has been 30 days for the last 10 maps. Guess you weren't around when we had a map last 1/2 year back in the day.
  2. what is the purpose of the FORCED DESPAWN??
  3. I know from the Allied side trying to kill an opel and 1/2 track is tough. Seems like you have to hit it many times. Whereas, 1 HE or AP should make it go boom, or at the very least stop it from continuing to drive off. There should be some kind of damage model too. I have driven off in a LAFF when hit too. So I know there is a problem. A truck has virtually no armor.
  4. Just looking historically. In 2006-2008 squads were strong. Lots of action and cooperation. Now, squads are next to nothing, especially on the allied side. When CRS downgraded them, that is when I saw the game going down hill. Playing with a bunch of fellow players in a squad, you form bonds and have great fun. This is the ONLY reason I play is the comradeship. Hopefully the new changes will help. (crossing fingers)
  5. Allied losses: It took these amount of days for the campaign Camp 151 = ALLIED loss only took 13 days. Camp 150 = 30 days Camp 149 = 15 days Camp 148 = 22 days Camp 147 = 07 days Hay we won the next 3: Camp 146 = 14 days Camp 145 = 10 days Camp 144 = 04 days Axis # 143 = 09 days Axis # 142 = 07 days So, in the past TEN (10) Camps. Allies 3 to Axis 7 Me thinks some changes need to be made to even it out some??? And not a mass joining of Axis coming to Allied side. For one, I would like to see the squad made stronger and have squad only missions. This would promote more people staying in game. IMHO. Something needs to help even out the camp wins per side and we need to do it SOON (tm, c, r, pat pend.). Way to many are leaving the game which puts us back to before steam.
  6. CRS. We need something that notifies all MLs and/or MOIC(s) when that brig is going to be moved. Something like this: a PM is sent to all the MLs with a notification ' Your brig is about to be moved. Close down you mission.' or: a message at mid screen level saying Britt. Brig 2 Div. 13th Brig is about to be moved.' only shows up to peeps that are in that brig. This should happen before the brig to be moved is initiated. so the MLs can notify the MOIC that they have a mission active in that brig. or send a message to the MOIC that their is/are mission(s) in that brig before it is ordered. Something like that. That way the MOIC and the ML(s) can act BEFORE it has started the timers. I personally have had mission shut down because of a move and was too busy to read it in the chat, that is if it was mentioned. Anyone else have this happen to them?
  7. He's a noob. Let him find out what flavor ice cream he likes. Then come allied for the biggest ice cream sunday.
  8. Someone brought up the AI. I would like to see the AI become a PPO. The Brigade OIC would be the only one to place the AI. If you have more briggs in town, then each OIC gets a certain amount to place. You would have a set amount like the town already has divided by quantity of briggs..
  9. Unfortunately if softcaps are totally eliminated. Then the opposing side only needs to back out a brig to behind the line when they are low pop. SUDDENLY NOTHING HAPPENS.
  10. And do you think this has improved the play? What is the benefit to the game overall? All I see is there will be a lot of people who will not join in this map now. So end result is there will be less battles and less and less..... etc. The game wont die away but it will be hindered after all the work to get STEAM and more peeps. Which is a great loss. Personally I enjoy great battles and trying to outwit the other guy. Great battles are few these days. Steamrolling serves no purpose.
  11. It may have reached the goal of the cut and during TZ3 it was widened (raped) to a massive degree. The end result is this map is over. I would like to see new starting points in game, such as divide the map north and south. Yes factories will have to be moved to accommodate this. Or a diagonal cut. SW to a NE line.
  12. I don't like the idea of starting over again. How about if you are Lt.Col. you start off at LEVEL7 and go from there. That way you will be able to get everything. Well we did spend years and years playing. We shouldn't have to begin to low in the ranks. I cant imagine how much money we all have put in.
  13. When you blow up a bridge you get 10 points. If you want more, then despawn after every charge and you will get 10 points per charge/despawn. This also holds true when blowing a eFB. You should also get points for blowing up building too. you should also get points for repairs per despawn. As it stands I don't believe you get points for repairing ANYTHING.
  14. I don't care what time it started. The end result was during TZ3, they raped the map big time. Something needs to be done. At this point, I most likely wont get in this map. Not really interested in it any more. If it happened rarely I would applaud the axis for this. Unfortunately it has happened to many times. <Le sigh> and walks away with head hanging low.