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  1. The climbing of the banks were changed years ago, due to the whining of the axis. This was before the FMS, when a inf could swim and place one. TO get out of the water, you need to find a turn in the river. Straightaways you can not get out of it.
  2. A very definite maybe.
  3. A very definite maybe.
  4. The point system work on how big you are as in comparison to what you kill, The smaller you are and the bigger the target, the more points. So, if you are a battleship and you kill an inf. Very little points. But if you are an inf and kill a battleship, major points. So, killing a plane with a rifle, lots of points.
  5. The FMS deployed by the TRUCK is the only PPO that can spawn inf. Inf can no longer deploy a FMS. To deploy, hit the letter 'Z', then hit it again to start the deployment. You must be stopped and what you are deploying is green. If it is RED, you cant do it for many reasons. You can also deploy other things from the truck. Just hit BACKSPACE and cycle through them. Once you found what you want to do, then hit Z again.
  6. Over the years you have done England. Just this time your HC did it different. Hey CRS. What was the difference in POP per side. Was it 55/45? Axis / Allied or more of a diff? Would like to see some basic numbers. And, what is the percentage of steam members joining per side? Is one side getting more than the other?
  7. That's where the people getting killed need to notify the mission leader about the camping. Then the mission leader can DELETE the FMS. Simple.
  8. I would love to see some historical stats on how many are joining each side. Lets say a week ago. So we are 7 days behind on the info. That way you cant use the info for current missions.
  9. That's just the server pharting. Its blowing you a kiss.
  10. Thanks. Should be more than just one up and down the line. Why someone would do that, boggles my mind. It is the TRAINING server.
  11. At present. The TRAINING SERVER is a total waste of time.
  12. It appears that NO Brigs are near each other (Allied//Axis). The whole map is like that. Even Roemond doesn't have back to back units. So, HOW CAN WE TRAIN when with nothing to use or you have to drive 20k to do anything. SWTF
  13. Use a Para plane. That way you can take many with you.
  14. With the amount of people in game and the choice of about 30 towns at any given time. You could have say 10-15 towns being attacked by 1-3 people. Not my idea of fun. Only chasing just a few peeps at one time. And then you would have map rolling during low pop time. 4-8 peeps on the Allied side and 10-20+ peeps on the axis side (typical numbers at present) = Allies lose all the time. Which in turn would have people quitting in droves. If you have a 2x AO set. You have 2x attacks and 2x defends. This is focusing the players. As it stands the Allies are losing again due to lower pops. With your way of thinking, the ALLIES would lose faster. Then we would have more campaigns where the allies lose yet again. And then the game would die. Yup, that's what I want. THE GAME TO FAIL. With Steam, you will see more players playing the so called bad guys (Axis) than you will see Allies. It will always be an imbalanced side bias. People like playing the bad guys. Its a known fact. Conclusion: this is NOT the game for you. SIDE LOCK F2P TO LOW POP SIDE as it is done in most online games.
  15. See 'Squad Leadership Tool' POST. Think I have it squared away. A very definite maybe.