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  1. My feelings are we need more factories and they specialize in lets say tanks or inf ammo. So, if you take down that specific item factory, it should hurt in that area. If it was inf ammo, then the units spawning would have a lesser load out. Now, the opposing force does not know which factory does what. Spread the factories out more. To find out what is what you need to do some scouting. Like flying over a town for say 5 minutes to gain intel. When the map starts anew, the factories (randomize) as to what they produce for that campaign. This will add a little variety to the game. And maybe the location randomizes to, in certain areas. Obviously it has to be in the rear area. When a factory is damaged, it should take longer to heal by itself. But if you have engies using repair kits, it will heal faster. This adds another aspect to the game.
  2. I would like to see bridges without AO's or DO's. You can blow them up and/or repair as needed. I think as an engie, it requires 40+ charges/ repair units to do either. Obviously planes can only destroy, but I would make it a little more daunting to take one out (More bombs).
  3. The way I see it. It helps the people on the outside and not the people inside.
  4. Hey CRS lets do it
  5. Hope they don't shut down access thru WWIIOL.
  6. Why why why are the gates at the AB (which looks like wood) made from alien, extremely hard, wood? Why is it able to flip a tank? It should be just a visual thing and the direction it points (to the inside of the ab) benefits the attacker. Remove them or make them just a visual thing. This has p'd me off for years and I have suggested this before.
  7. Several kits are locked out in the Britt and French. French : Laffly, 6 pounder, grease gun and rifle are locked. Maybe some other items I forgot. Didn't stay in game long as you could not set a FMS without a Laffly.
  8. Really, Axis the complaints. Where to start. Your weapons have a greater accuracy at a distance the allies cant fight at. 1.75k- 2.5k Our optics cant barely see your tank. This is throughout all our tiers. Your LMG is almost laser guided, whereas ours sprays very wide. Etc. so get off your soap box and wait and see what is presented in game.
  9. Make it like the engineer PPO dirt bunker. Those last 3 hours. Will last longer if you have someone run over them to refresh the timer.
  10. 18 Different types of Engies. 1. builds FBs (PPO) and air fields. 2. Blows up stuff 3. builds bridges.
  11. 14 be able to climb trees. 15 PPO FBs 16 2 different sizes of FBs (PPO). 1st one would only support a couple of platoon size units (same tents you see now) Limited on Tanks, Atg, (light equipment) etc. The next one would be a full out supply which would have a Fuel Dump, Ammo Dump, Motor Pool, Barracks tents, etc. and a place able AI. You would have to place a FB per brigade. 17 500 pound bombs will damage FB (PPO) = 5% damage on a DIRECT hit. 250 pounders = 3% damage on DIRECT hits (or equivalent size metric). It would take a lot of runs with planes to finish the job.
  12. And how would you apply a GAS MASK to this situation? The answer is a resounding no according to the votes.
  13. 2 hour cap timers. Really. How do you expect the attacking force to get their spawn? Then the fight begins. Maybe if an AO is put on a town, they automatically get their spawn CP. <how about that?
  14. Make FBs PPO. Able to be placed in zones with relationship to the origin towns. Not to close to the tow being attacked. 2+K away. So, now the enemy has to find it 1st. Have it be able to build at 3 different levels of supply (time and quantity of engies). The bigger you make it the more supplies. Like an AMMO dump and FUEL dump. I have posted a more detail of this in the past of which I don't seem to find.
  15. If you make towns out of BLOCKS and TRIANGLES of the same size (foot print). Lets say you have several blocks already made (and triangles). So you have blocks A, B, C, D, E etc and triangles too. Now you have the frame work. When you start a new map, the system goes and looks for these blocks and triangles (randomly) So you have a town with say only 3 blocks and 1 triangle. It would pick from the random file and place it into the town accordingly. Now you would have a random generated town with CPs and ABs as needed. I remember when way back when it was a simply programming to do it. Hope you get the idea. A random layout of towns, different buildings, etc. For every map. With an exploded duplicate layout one also. which should be repairable over time. As the population would repair it. This would give you a fresh look and surprises for years to come.