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  1. To all my comrade: From SPD, ImDed I have been told I have pancreatic and liver cancer. This is a major battle of the war. Your bombing, artillery, tank and ground support is greatly appreciated. The more we can destroy this heinous beast the better. To War, To war comrades. Support your local cancer societies. HOOAH!
  2. I don't know what to say, but THANKS.
  3. Thanks. I receive that.
  4. Thanks. I receive that.
  5. SIR YES SIR They will all be sent to the front ASAP
  6. Super concentrate of lemon juice acts like a trojon horse against cancer. take 3 oz 4x a day. way sour but it works great.
  7. Thanks for the encouragement. Thursday the 30th is my 1st meeting to decide what to do. Keep sending the reinforcements.
  8. Something I noticed. The placement of these new towns make them not out of the way. I foresee them being by passed.
  9. I had asked about topographical map for the game some 10+ years ago. Was told that the elevation lines would come out supper fat and cover a lot of the map. So, here is a possible solution and a possible way of making extra money to the game. Make a topographical map that resides outside of the game. Using the information that is sent between player/server to supply locations of peeps. It would give a 1.5k radius location for all (side specific). To see map you would <ALT> <tab> to it while in game. The information would only be viable if you are in the game so that spies could not use it. CRS could charge a $1 per/month for basic subscription CRS could charge a $2 per/month for premium subscriptions. You would have a higher level of information supplied on the map (to be determined) #6 plus We (PB) would have a great working map. Which makes for a happier (PB). Which makes for longer staying players, etc...... Make it so squads could have specific marks that can be placed on map and only seen by squad members. maybe get actual WWII topographical map. They are scaled, etc. and the list goes on. Your thoughts? Pros/Cons?
  10. Bridges : No AO or DO, You can blow or repair at will. No auto repair. Make it 80 charges/repair kits to accomplish mission. I know what you are going to say about POINTS. At present it takes one charge/repair kit to get 10 points. Now think about that. To blow/repair a bridge and get max points. You have to put one charge/repair kit on, then DESPAWN and come back. Rinse and repeat, X 79. So here is what transpires with no spawn delays. DRIVE to the bridge. Lets say 10 minutes on average.. SET a FMS near as possible to the bridge, but you cant make the bridge the target, due to mechanics. 1 1/2 minutes. DESPAWN the truck. 10 seconds SPAWN the ENGINEER. 10-15 seconds, if there is no spawn delay. RUN to the bridge and set ONE CHARGE/REPAIR. 15-25 seconds RUN to the FMS and DESPAWN. 30 seconds ish. RESPAWN, RINSE AND REPEAT THE PROCESS. So, just one charge cost you 13 minutes for 10 points All subsequent charges/repair about 3 minutes X 79 = almost 3 HOURS to get 790 points So all told you get 800 points at about 3.25 hours. As you can see that is a LOT of time to invest on getting points, and the higher in rank you go, the points don't give you a lot. Yes if you are a E1 it gets you a rank plus. But if you are an E6, it just makes a small dent. IMDED (SPD) Oscar alpha Oscar
  11. Make planes need more bombs needed to kill bridge. 10 direct hits would be about right.
  12. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 'Its alive" Runs away bravely, screaming.
  13. This is GENERAL discussion. Why do I see others that are NOT Generals discussing things in this FORUM? I mean really.
  14. Thank kind sir.
  15. And the 1st thing I said was training server.
  16. Nice idea, but it doesn't show where there are cliffs or steep inclines, etc. If you were to plan on where you would like to set and FMS up or place some artillery. You would like to know where you can take advantage of the terrain or avoid because it takes a long time to climb a hill in a tank, etc.
  17. I was more interested in the training server. I am well aware that offline you can do most anything.
  18. Yes they are PB, but they can get to Gen. from a Sgt. and be promoted thru HC but not thru earning points. Sorry you took offense. One put the time in, the killings, etc. to get there. HC on the other hand passes out rank. Not the same thing.
  19. The training server would be nice to, as squaddies can join for practice.
  20. The really sad thing is that other games supply this information. We really need to bring the game to a new level. TOPO maps are needed.
  21. As an LtCol for 15 years plus. I think just for putting the time in I should be able to rank up. Non HC should be able to get to 3rd level General. Maybe with some other kind of symbol for rank that differentiates from the HC General rank. BTW, the HC are handed a General rank, whereas the PB has to EARN IT. So, the PB would be REAL Generals as in comparison to the HC Generals who are paper Generals. CRS the PB need to be able to continue up in ranks. It gives us something more to look forward to. That's my story and Im sticking to it.
  22. CRS thanks for addressing this issue and coming up with a solution. HOOAH
  23. You get a call that the CP is under attack !!!!!!!!! You RTB You hit 'ENTER WORLD' button. OH CRAP you show up at the FMS and you are trying to get back to the DEPOT/CP You RTB and you are really in a hurry now. Time is pressuring you. You hit 'ENTER WORLD' button. Because you are in a very big hurry : OH CRAP you show up at the FMS and you are trying to get back to the DEPOT/CP Now you are about to go bonkers. You carefully work you way back and spawn in at the DEPOT. and you may have got back in time and the CP is still yours. TO understand this. You have a major amount of URGENCY happening. Here is what I would like to see, a box that has in it 2 check boxes. Check box title : 'Mission Origin' Check box title : 'FMS' This would make life so much easier and it would be simple to check what is needed. Many times I try to spawn in and forget the 'swear word' FMS box has a check mark in it. Again it is you are in a HURRY. You squad calls out for help or .........!
  24. Same for bombing. It gives you 10 points per direct hit on bridge, 10 points. So, you drop a whole load or 1 bomb and then fly back and RTB to get your points. RINSE/REPEAT. Now let me ask you how long that took to get your points to go up in rank? It is definitely a big time waster for ranking up. Then you have to take into the fact the enemy maybe flying near by. Not a valid argument for air points.