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  1. Choad, bots are gone it's just basic RtCW at it's best. Best map is Depot, but it's hard to forget Beach. That map is a bytch! -------- CRS, I was just looking and I see we can get a WWIIOL channel on RoKu no problem. Nothing there like it. I did web work for CRS a bit in the day, so I can help put it up if CRS likes. If you would like to explore this e-mail me or call, u should still have my contact info. I think a WWIIOL channel on RoKu could be helpful. We could put not only real TV content (yes, some History Channel content can be streamed for free) but also CRS and player video as well. We could steam CRS shows, player events, whatever, it's a TV channel.
  2. Another out of the box suggestion. Roku TV is becoming a thing, perhaps if CRS wants to continue a monthly fee they could investigate creating a WWIIOL channel on RoKu that offers some good TV streaming options. There is quite a bit of pubic domain stuff you could stream for users for next to nothing. WWII stuff is out there for free that you could get rights to stream in a channel. Just a thought.
  3. To my amazement the Return to Castle Wolfenstein servers came back on line several months ago and they are a huge success. It's the exact same game from 2002. Same graphics, same everything. So, why did everyone come back? Game play. What was fun back then is still fun now. Granted, it's free if you legit bought the game. Just wondering perhaps if CRS would consider a one-time "buy the game" fee and no monthly costs. The RtCW servers are full again with multiple squads and servers doing it all again just like back in the day. It's not because it's great graphics or anything, it's the exact same thing we had in the early 2000s. I'm literally playing the game on a vintage 2002 computer with the original software and kicking arse! It's just a very challenging but fun MMOLRPG. I don't know if any of this helps WWIIOL but just know game play rules over urber graphics, etc. Best wishes to the community and this game was my fav of all time. Being a Mac user just can't play it anymore.
  4. I can tell you this, I was in a car accident and was in a coma and the doctors gave up on me and told my family if they wanted to see me alive they needed to come to the hospital now. So, they all did, and because I was wearing a cross they brought in a priest and he gave me last rites. The doctors told my family that there was nothing more they could do for me. All I remember from that is that in my dream/coma state I was fighting people who were attacking me and after about a week I woke up to the surprise of all. I understand your affliction is different, but there is no explanation to why I survived. So, there is always hope Doc and we just don't know what miracles may happen. If it was up to those doctors I would be in the ground. Somehow I fought back, no idea how, but I did. True story and the irony is I owe the hospital about 30K for giving up on me and expecting me to die.
  5. Hey Doc, long time since I was here last but best wishes. I seem to remember a movie I made and posted in OT years ago where you were kicking [censored] in a bar fight. Well, keep up the fight.
  6. What's up with the massive SIGs? That was a TOS in the old days.
  7. 2002, first year of the Mac flavor of WWII OL. Joined the 1st Jaguars squad (all Mac players) shortly there after. BTW, glad we are back to WWII OL instead of Battle Ground Galactica, or whatever that was. Admiral Adama was never in this war.
  8. Thx XOOM for the e-mail. I'm looking for my old squad mates. I'll see if I can get the band back together. Good to see BKB checking in. Any PRD (Parachute Red Devils) checking in? /S
  9. I disagree. The answer to every question about this game is in the forums some where. Do a forum search, or PM a Vet or a RAT and ask away.
  10. Join a squad. It's the best way to learn the game. When I joined in 2002 I was rather overwhelmed by the game. I joined a squad and then had many learning opportunities to practice skills in the air, ground, and navy. There is a fairly steep learning curve for this game. Best bet is to find a squad you feel comfortable with, join, and build from there. Good luck, don't give up on this game, once you get up to speed, it's one of the best MMOLRPG games ever created.
  11. WB. I seem to remember a cat. Wondering if returning time travelers will make Numa-Numa go viral again.
  12. Anyone interested?
  13. You're a 2001 guy, remember when British fighter planes had ineffective ball ammo? If your desire is to see a dominate Axis advantage, that will just move more players away. Another remember point ... old CRS nerfing French armor, making the Matilda II weak by changing it's mantel armor, etc. The old CRS always favored the axis side because this game has always been Axis heavy. I always felt it was a greater challenge to win on the Allied side since so many variables in the game favored the Axis. It was rare for the Allies to ever win a map. When the Allies started going Matilda II heavy in production and won some games .. *poof* the Matty armor changed. If you want a challenge, play allied.
  14. Reminds me of the people we have lost. I always respected CRS for memorializing players in game that have passed. For me, one of the bigger shocks was the loss of Clint. He died suddenly seemingly as a healthy 30-something person.
  15. I'm contacting people from way back, asking them to come back. Just going through my old PMs (BTW my PM box is 99 percent full, can that be increased?) and emailing them. Those vets returning, let's see if we can reconstitute our old squads. I think CRS activating all old accounts was a brilliant move. Let's take advantage of that, and try and get all of our old squad mates back together. S/