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  1. he eyes believe themselves. The ears believe others. 24 hours later i post again... I look back at what i wrote and surprisingly I don't regret a single word of what I wrote..... If you guys at CRS wanna get serious email me at and lets push forward! Don't email me unless u are all in and ready for a risk!
  2. Shame on you CRS. You could've been rich and you had a game better than cartoon World of Warcraft or anything i ever played.... if you just would've gone all out to develop and get investors. Of course its easy for me to say I wasn't in your offices ever and don't know what you had to deal with. Bad graphics for today? yes! Not enough players? yes! Best concept and "non-rambo" realistic model and most fun I ever I had in a game. I cant deny it! "Look at me Im a medic and I can heal people to full health and instanlty put them back in the fight... call of duty bull[censored] or any other stupid game..... there are unrealistic crap games galore are out there. God I love to hate you and miss it all. Why why why. Someone out there has to buy this concept from you or recreate an updated version. it was just to good.... I know there has got to be some rich millennial out there who can appreciate what this was, is, and can revive the fun of a massive map, all human, history accurate, non fantasy game, one shot, one kill game with a dedicated player base this was and can be again. It cant be just me. damn you facebook, fortnite, instant gratification bastages..... I saw one 15 year old from ireland posting who knows what I mean but I fear he is a rare breed of kids that we will never see again and its sad........ so sad until history teachs them the lessons they are destined to learn the hard way. It's all been done before and we are no different than humans 10,000 years ago no matter how PC we pretend to be (evolution is not that quick friends). Well thats my drunkin rant and wishfull thinking of days past. Salute! to those who tried to make something original and never seen before and never duplicated.
  3. By chance my name was gunner44 and 1st squad I was in was 44ID. or 44th something.... I cant remember who found me and asked me to join but it was destiny that i joined and we later became 505th. It was around 200x I cant even remember anymore at this point. Was a couple from Arizona a guy and his girl.. and JCgarand... I cant believe i remember his name.. Haha and somehow my SIgnature is still active below.... lol Oh and I hate side jumpers... pick a side and stay. Never played 1 day of allied all my time in game.
  4. Miss the old days? My old 505th video 10 years ago, Not much of Icehous in there cause he was busy lone wolfing it and picking people off But u can see him in the factory raid and base defense flyby shot.
  5. Holy [censored]! are u guys still active? man its been years.... - GUNNER44