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  1. Anyone out there remember this old 109/stuka pilot?
  2. they opened up the game but not the forums. I r dissapoint
  3. ooh, so inf can hit planes, but planes cant hit inf if the range is over 700m. that seems fair.
  4. says the guy that lives in Red Stick! *runs
  5. i bet that was fun to watch lol did it do a wheelie? or, err, a trackie?
  6. you sir, are awesome!
  7. if it shows the penetration decal (silver ring with a black circle in the center), doesn't that mean the threshold was reached or surpassed?
  8. shot a full clip of 20mm AP from a 232 into a matty 2 pounder gun from the side at less than 150m aiming each shot, and not just holding the trigger down. each strike made a penetration mark about mid way along the length of the barrel. it turned it's turret and shot me with the gun i thought i had disabled, killing me instantly.
  9. 1: amd athalon 64 x2 5000+ @ 2.98ghz 2: in gear 3: stugG 4: random 5: both. kb controls position select, engine start/stop, and transmission. js does the rest. 6: no 7: no 8: not that i know of.
  10. not showing up in unit vs unit. seems nothing was recorded while they were not working?
  11. i had that happen in a depot. i spawned a pak38, put it in the back corner of the garage and deployed. it spun around really quick and both crew died. couldnt press escape right away and had to wait. also i pulled a 232 up against a building. turned the turret a little, and it spun around and blew up. had to wait to hit escape.
  12. fixed in 1.34
  13. the only ceiling is the one dictated by the design and performance of the aircraft you are flying. if there is an actual hard limit to how high you can go, no current aircraft in game can reach it. factory ai can fire up to 5km i believe. add to that the aa guns alt above sea level, and that puts you within it's range.
  14. sometimes i see planes on fire that acually are not, and even a bofors flaming as it was pushed out of an fb. i had a screenshot of the bofors somewhere. i'll see if i can dig it up if i still have it. p.s. sorry, didnt see the last reply.