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  1. Anyone out there remember this old 109/stuka pilot?
  2. they opened up the game but not the forums. I r dissapoint
  3. LoL I have the same monitor on my other pc. Don't you hate where they put the "warranty void if removed" sticker?
  4. Ips panels have better color quality and viewing angles at the expense of slower response times. They also tend to be more expensive. Ips panels are not the best for gaming, but if you watch a lot of movies or do a lot of photo editing they are good for that and acceptable for gaming. IF you do go IPS read the reviews and stay away from ones that have a problem with ghosting.
  5. I use an x45, but I might be able to help. What do you need?
  6. Without half axis pushing forward, or pulling back on the stick would both activate the brakes.
  7. I don't know if this is the place to post this, but... Does anyone have an old x45 throttle with a working throttle axis potentiometer laying around I can buy off them? The throttle itself can be mangled beyond recognition for all I care as long as the throttle position sensor works. Or.. Does anyone know the specs for the sensor? Mine is so pooched I can't get a reliable reading on a multimeter.
  8. Use the half axis modifiers to get the - and + half axis.
  9. it's not really a budget. why not recommend an AMD cpu for a budget build tho?
  10. every time this gets asked, we get the same response. that info is only for investors.
  11. ibuypower rigs are some of the best prebuilt ones you can get. most of their negative reviews are from people who buy these and know nothing about how they work or how to take care of them properly.
  12. ignore all i said and just get this. you will be much happier with it it will play any modern game with nice graphics, and it's around the same price.
  13. it will work untill you can upgrade the vid card. Asus makes some pretty solid gear. nvidia just released their gtx680 a few days ago and i've been seeing the gtx 580's going for 250-350 bucks on ebay. there is a 570 being sold for 250 right now if you go look. those are kinda overkill for this game, and if this is the only game you play you could get away with using a gts250. *note* if you buy from ebay only buy evga or xfx cards as they have transferrable warranties. look at the specs for my rig (under my sig) vs that one. i get 70-100 fps when i'm flying, 20-50 when i'm poundin dirt. my card is basically a gts250 with half the ram. i have aa and af set to 16x, running @ 1080p GTS 250 = $60 new 550ti = $130 without seeing the inside of the pc i can't guarentee any of those will fit though.
  14. so the last few times i've logged in everything is working fine untill i spawn in. my minimap has no map on it and i can see right through it. sometimes a piece of the map will load and it will be surrounded by parts i can see through. if i open up the full map while spawned in, everything is white except for town icons, and if i zoom in far enough the buildings are there also. i havnt made any hardware changes, and i've cleaned all my temp files, defragged, reinstalled drivers, etc. when flying with the map closed i'm getting a max fps of around 20. when flying with the map open i'm maxxing out around 5. this pc can handle this game at 50fps with fraps capturing in 1080p. something isnt right here. screenshots coming soon.
  15. i've been running the new nvidia drivers since the 13th, but the problem didnt develop untill a couple days ago. i had this same problem before, i just cant remember how i fixed it. i'll do some more testing later, but i did notice the maps load fine offline. i'll also try rolling back drivers.
  16. now you can go with socket 2011 for less than a 2700k
  17. doesnt suprise me. some of the new intel mobos develop heat issues when you liquid cool. the little heat sinks for the chipset and VRM rely alot on the incidental airflow from the cpu coolers fans. when you liquid cool it takes that airflow away. it's usually fixed by stuffing a couple more fans in the case, or pointing one at the hotspot.
  18. i've been running them since the 13th. i havnt had any issues, but havnt noticed an improvement in this game.
  19. do you know the model number for the motherboard? you might be able to get away with putting a cheap walmart fan in the case and point it at the NB (north bridge chip). it's the one just about in the center of the board below the cpu. if it's just the bare chip you can also buy heatsinks for those chips that have just cooling fins, or ones with a fan built in. it could also just be bad thermal paste/pad. or even a bad temp probe.
  20. alt+f4 is windows. it will close open applications when pressing that combo. i don't think CRS can do anything about it. try this:
  21. no problem bro. glad i could help. talk to Khanute lately?
  22. reinstall directx?