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  1. Can't download Mac version. Is there a fix?
  2. Anyone have this file they're willing to share? It doesn't download. I'd like to play sometime today. I'll share too.
  3. I'm having a very annoying problem. The Mac cursor appears right in the middle of the game. it move when i move. I can't get rid of it. I turned off the feature in El Cap that lets you shake the mouse to find the cursor, but that didn't fix this problem. It's really annoying because the cursor blocks field of view when lining up on a target. Any fix for this?
  4. I, too, would appreciate receiving credit for not being able to log on, especially since I've already paid for my subscription. Not very keen about this situation, though, in the big scheme of it all, I guess it's relatively harmless.
  5. So, if us mac clients cannot log in, are we going to get credit for the days we cannot? I've paid already for my subscription but since I cannot play, I hope CRS compensates me in some way.
  6. Big fail on Mac update. Says installation fails and I should contact the manufacturer. So, here I am contacting the manufacturer. In the meantime, I'm downloading the full installer which should take until tomorrow.
  7. with the newest patch, I've been getting a hell of a lot of crashing to desktop. Seems to happen every hour or so. After it crashes, I go to open program again and it runs for a second and then quits. The second time I run it it opens fine. But then, after about an hour or so, total CTD. I've kept a copy of the crash log if needed. I'm using Tiger on a Dual 2.3 G% with 5 GB ram Any thoughts?
  8. I'll give it a shot. Thanks
  9. Yes, I keep pointing the installer to the folder where the program resides. The installer does its business (apparently) and then I go to launch the program and I'm back at downloading the patch again. This happens over and over again, with each patch that is downloaded. Should I move the app to a different folder or what?
  10. Hi. Every time I need to update the program, the basic updating procedure does not work. The updater does not update the program and when I launch the program, it tells me that the program is out of date and downloads the updater again. This problem has not been fixed and is getting very frustrating. So I am left only with downloading the full installer and reinstalling the program. Any fixes? Also, I still have the transparent wall issue. Outside walls are transparent from the outside and then are opaque when inside. Also, gun and hand textures are blank when outdoors and are textured when indoors. Is this ever going to be fixed? I'm running a G5 with the Nvidina GeForce 7800GT card. Thanks, atmoosh
  11. New patch still has funky sound and invisible walls on my G5 (running Leopard). Switching back to Tiger solves the sound issues but the invisible walls are still there, in a manner of speaking.
  12. thanks for the update
  13. There are still invisible walls. Is this going to get fixed?
  14. I'm not sure I appreciate my system being called "wonky." It is the exact same set up I've had with previous versions of this game and all was well before. I fixed the sound issue as it probably had something to do with the USB port that the headset was plugged into. My system is a Dual 2.3 G5 with 5gb ram and running Tiger. My graphics card is the GeForce 7800GT with 256mb vram. Attached is a screenshot of the missing walls
  15. Invisible walls. There are still invisible walls. From the outside, many, if not all buildings have walls which are invisible, allowing me to see into buildings. Makes it easy to see if enemy is hiding, but also makes it harder to find the doorway. From the inside of the buildings the walls are normal, i.e. not invisible. Is this going to get fixed?