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  1. S! Dracus, I re-up'd for new build. been with 16ID since I left Panzer Lehr but only play once and a while. I miss the old days.
  2. Year 1 player. Started in Panzer Lehr then went to 16 ID for many years, it's been a while since I played but statue JR has played and insists I get back in. 16 ID always played Axis. looking forward to seeing some old faces and cleaning my MG34 up.
  3. Been playing Beta for the last week or so, today downloaded 131.45, server not up so I tried twice to get on reg. server and locked up both times at the welcome screen never had this problem before, might be related to latest Beta patch.
  4. My ISP told me Outlook does not work with Windows 7 when I got a new comp, Thunderbird works great.
  5. Bloo, thank you. Problem fixed.
  6. All of a sudden my Mini map jumps to the middle of my screen when I respawn or use the "Y" key. This has only been going on for the last week. I did a complete re-install of the game, no help. Any clues?
  7. Worst looking Enfield I have ever seen (Pig Gun)
  8. It Works!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooooot
  9. CTD first time I despawned .
  10. When I first installed my 6800 I was getting 50 to 70 fps. with new patches I'm around 40fps with dips as low as 1. I expected more, but I think it's the game not the card, and I hope they fix it.
  11. Ok did full install, went offline and it worked great. Try to play online and after hitting "play axis" nothing. I have tried reinstall of Playgate in folder, nothing. The download page has no Playgate plugin for Mac. how do I get into game?
  12. PS: WWii is only game I run on the PC, but will find something to test with.
  13. Will do when I get back to my PC tonight, thanks
  14. (PC DUMMY) Ok I get new 6800, my 5700 works fine just wanted more! After updating Bios, Drivers et all, fresh WWii install I try to enter game and I get the following error, Program C:\playnet\crs\wwiiol\ww2.exe. If I pop my 5700 in it works almost great (except for ctd's) I have 1 gig of ram. :?