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  1. so is there a virus in the patch or not??
  2. Dandare9 you said you usually get a ping of between 140 and 170 in game. Isnt that alot?? im only at 36-42 But i too have gotton the auto despawn
  3. so for 400 you can have yur cake and eat too
  4. only place i found it at was game shark,,,theres a link on that takes you to gameshark store so i think thats the only place ya can get now,,,, tried goggling it and no results come up,, so its very new,,, i wrote to game shark for info to see if it will work with this game, cause i know crs has no clue,, it says the Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panel is sold separately,,, dont think you'll need the extra switches,, you can program up to 608 commands,,,if yur flyin jets and commercail planes they have a Pro Flight Multi Panel and a Pro Flight Radio Panel,,, you could throw about 700-800 dollars into it and have a real looking cockpit in front of ya sorry peegee,,, when ya go to bed tonight,take her to heavan,, she wont want to go away this weekend lol,,,,but ya know ya want it
  5. Im looking to get a new stick,,, will this work with wwii online??