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  1. I will miss being Rambo
  2. Big thanks for putting this all together!
  3. Nice collection of information, some of it was "lost". It is quite verbose. Advice: The visual limit in game is 6km. Because of this the Lotfe (which is a Periscope) is practically useless if you are at 6000m alt. The other issue is bombs time out at (I think) 8km direct line and may disappear before hitting ground. That 8km is sphere, so a moving bomber could be >8km distance from target when bombs fall the 15 or so seconds before hitting ground. Best climb rate in He111 is 4 m/s (full load). It is one of the gauges. Use it, it is better than using km/h. Takes about 15 min to reach 5000m alt. Do not use any flaps for takeoff, the 111 is too slow for it. If you are doing formation, fly north or south from AF. After everyone is about 1500m order everyone to turn >70 degrees toward target at once. This will allow group to form up quicker. This the "dog leg" formation trick. More waypoints are better. Delete and make new as needed. Now, IF you are 1000m to 4000m, then the Lotfe can be used to find targets, but remember to center. I am surprised the bomb sight and pilots instrument do not match. Have to test.
  4. Much more that just splitting up 2 huge cities, it is links to all the towns around round it, even some distance away. This area was created back in late 2000(!!!), so they are working with code created when the Pharaohs ruled Egypt.
  5. "We interrupt this war for an important announcement." IIRC, not the first time a campaign was ended mid-match, I think then it was also a major update. To be clear, the system is very finicky, does not take much poking make the entire map setup to implode.
  6. Working with CRS in past and knowing programming myself I gained some understanding of how parts of the game works. Sure things changed, but parts still apply. Regardless, as long as changes are to the base system, the chances of a working alteration is more successful.
  7. As long as the linking town to Den Haag remains allied, cannot place Paras. And by the time an army base can be moved in (link to Ipswich or Dover, port town on UK), the game is practically over.
  8. I added a lot of comments to my OP, below line. How much will 100% factory shutdown effect resupply?
  9. After a couple of campaigns where the Dambusters effectively kept Germans at T-0 while allies at T-3 put an end to that.
  10. There is always opportunity to expand on the system, but anything that can be quickly implemented in the interim is well worth it. I see some are wanting to see more about idea, will expand on idea in a few days.
  11. I made a post about how to make RDP effect the game, but still give a side every chance to defend themselves.
  12. How to make RDP cause significant impact, but not [censored] off players. (I formulated an idea years ago, but it was lost during BGE's not so happy times. So I bring it up again...) The idea is deceptively simple: When production is 100%, offensive units (Tanks, Bombers, DD's, LMG, other?) comprise at least 66% of production. As the factory's are bombed the production shifts to defensive units (ATG, AAA, SPAA, Fighters/attackers, FMB, rifle, snipers, cheap SMG, trucks, light tanks), until offensive is at least 33% of total production (instead of 6 units per period, then 3). There will also be a small increase (10%?) in overall production, reflection of the population being involved in production due to fear of losing. What happens is side with factory damaged will have abundant supply of "cheap" units that will make it harder for the attacker to win by attrition. Yes, some top units may be in short supply, but others will be plenty, like top-rank fighters! This is a far-far better plan than reducing supply of all units (which is actually not historic) This is almost entirely tables, should be easy to program in. Should CRS try it? I made a suggestion for reducing fight time of bombers after they drop bombs, found here. ================================= I read replies below, so comments: I want everyone to be clear about my idea: This suggestion is something easily implemented in game. I have played this game since beginning, was beta tester, and have good understanding of the game engine. I have experience the good and bad about RDP, so am well aware of the risks. The game needs a balance to make RDP truly worthwhile to make the air-game an active part, but not adversely impact the ground and sea. We will not know if something works unless we try. The points: 1. This scheme will not eliminate a supply, just change the production balance. There will always be top-tier units in production, but less of it. 2. Movement timers affected, representing fuel shortage (new). Would love to see terrain effect movement, but for now just apply across the board by a <10%. 3. AO delay. Another addition. Again reflecting supply shortage, the time for AO to go up +x%. Again to encourage calls for factory defense. 4. Auto-HQ announcement calling for defending of factories. 5. Rewards for factory defense (this will need more coding than others) 6. Reduce bomber default resupply and/or numbers (yes, supply needs to be preserved) Strongly consider RTB or KIA for Score+RDP to apply. I completely agree something is needed to prevent players from quitting after drop. He 111Z-3 heavy bomber. Proposed variant of the Z-1, it would carry 16x 250kg bombs (or even 4x 1800kg bombs if game creates) Possible: The game allows for each town to report EA. Currently off, it could be turned on and help better track formations ** (see below) Reserve Fighters, a small number of fighters at each AF close to factory (like Garrisons) He 111 vs DB-7: He 111 carries 2x the bomb load as the DB-7. There is, on balance, no real difference. The difference is the DB-7 flies much faster than the 111, the speed compensates for smaller load. Also, on average, all the Axis factories are closer to the front at game start than Allied (At minimum distance wise both will fly about the same distance to nearest target factory, but Koln/Düsseldorf/Essen factories are grouped close, 8 of 9 Axis factories almost same flight time.) Faster DB not only compensates for load by speed, but also much harder for defending fighters to catch. ** The game always had the ability to mark enemy aircraft on map, as done with ground forces. The issue was bombers flew over area that had no towns, avoiding EWS. The map wide yellow/red squares was made to prevent this, but the squares cover a large area and has a delay before updating.
  13. At one time it was a door, but then that beam with wire. IMHO, should make it a door again
  14. I would agree with that observation. Also the circular pit, that is very interesting! AAA position?
  15. I proposed making Den Haag an "RTB Only" AF for LW, cutting at least 15 min from mission. Allies get one in Haguenau which will cut about 10 min off an RTB. Also He111 has reduced fuel load (3.5 hours currently), so it can climb faster, reducing about 10 min off flight.