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  1. I proposed making Den Haag an "RTB Only" AF for LW, cutting at least 15 min from mission. Allies get one in Haguenau which will cut about 10 min off an RTB. Also He111 has reduced fuel load (3.5 hours currently), so it can climb faster, reducing about 10 min off flight.
  2. What is the FEEDBACK method now? Post in Steam? ".<something>"? Get the new young players commenting on what they have trouble with.
  3. Is this still the same?
  4. This game heavily relies on teamwork. Even "lone wolves" still need to participate some amount to have success. Because of this this community has some of the best player cooperation in game verse. Advice: Do not worry about winning the campaign, focus on playing the game and playing with others. Plan your time so you do not end up playing and entire day (does happen). Finally: it will take a very long time, years even, to understand everything about this game, and that is totally great! You will not get board.
  5. Actually, the RUSSIANS conceived and pioneered the use of gliders, but as a means to quickly get supplies and troops to front. Germans saw this, YES, they actually where invited to see it (1933 I think)! Kurt Student made the glider an OFFENSIVE tool.
  6. Those truly massive participation events. Leading 10 bomber and 10 fighters on RDP missions. Tank columns Those days everything work and get 10+ EI kills. Or those lucky shots. And of course the Team work! OH!!! One time NW of Sedan, on that big hill in an 88mm with another guy in 88. French column at 2.5~3 clicks (it was really long range), R35, S35, Laffy with Boffors, Char B1, Pan, couple others. Proceeded to wipe out the column, even the B1 fell to my 88. Boffor tried to shoot us, but the HE timed out and exploded well in front. This was before Truck resupply, otherwise just us 2 could defend Sedan from entire allied army. Funniest thing was a Panhard drove right behind us going to Sedan. Did not see us. Was out of ammo right then, otherwise he would be toast.
  7. Lots of strong opinions here, and really tough decisions for Rats. The real Catch 22: Spend time changing the Brigade movement system that does not have a clear completion date or Release the hounds of a Steam launch with more players, and more funding to improve the game, and more time to make and test a better system. Let me ask 1 question: When is highest number of players and most time spent? If it is summer time, IOW: NOW, then perhaps best to go Steam ASAP If winter time, then lets change the Brigade system, then Steam release. Just my 2 cents.
  8. YAY!!!! (runs around nekkied hair on fire) Quite an amazing achievement.
  9. Thanks Irish! This is focused to posting in historic web sites instead of just everywhere. Also get players to see history too
  10. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get new "customers" Here is a place that will be a place to post.
  11. I disagree. Many of the rivers in game where large enough for a Fairmle to sail on (Mosel, Rhine). Locks did not prevent passaged, just slowed down, and bridges usually built high enough for passage (unlike games city bridges). Yes, some rivers could not cross. As for resupply, I think it is trucks that should resupply boats! (Although a boat resupplying an infantry is OK, but that would be a lot of extra coding)
  12. I wonder if the hit models will be made more accurate? For instance the crew actually look like humans, internal components look like engines. Not asking for WarThunder like precision, just better.
  13. Since this game relies much on the community to function, should that (or is?) effort rewarded? Meaning those to put a lot of effort for the benefit of other players to learn and enjoy the game. Besides the typical "free month for each new player joining", efforts such as Total game time as leader in active zone (50 hours?) Number of FRB created per month (200?) Total time as truck/transport/supply unit (ship TT will need 1.5x modifier) Total time transport pilot (Ju 52, C-47) Resupply brigades (if still applies after changes) Besides that some kind of mentorship program to help new players learn intermediate skills. Boot camp stuff? Other ideas? Criticism of suggestions?