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  1. After a little experimentation, I see what you mean about the mouse pointer being stuck in the middle of the screen. However, I forgot to mention that the working version I "had", was working in Gnome, and after I tinkered with a few things, namely: Wine-tricks, and a few joystick scripts. I was able to get a working version in Ubuntu Fiesty. I have since tried to replicate the process in kde/kubuntu with the effects you've described. Hope this helps, and when I get the procedure fully replicated, I'll post more on the steps required to get atleast infantry working properly. (also a small note about mouse control: after using the mouse for extended periods of time, I'm getting small movement glitches with the mouse.) Sounded like you've tried kde? Also, worthy to note, I haven't applied "Wine-tricks" to my k-ubuntu wine installation yet. Maybe if we get a few people with some linux experience to post in this tread, and share results, we can replicate our actions and post an installation procedure we can all follow for Ubuntu. (I don't really like gnome myself, but it was working well under that desktop manager...) Sincerely, dmon66
  2. I was able to get Battleground Europe working in Wine under Ubuntu Linux. Suprisingly it was very straight-forward. There is a few small issue after installation which still require some familiarity with the OS, such as mouse acceleration, and joystick calibration/recognition. But these are minor things that don't really effect inf playablilty except turning off mouse acceleration. The joystick issue(s) are there, but with Linux becoming more popular, I see that fading fast. I will post screenies if anyone is interested, but I do not have the time or inclination to support Linux in the forums. Any "average" skilled Linux user should be able to get this working in the current version of Wine/Ubuntu. I am attaching a screenie, but the size restrictions are really terrible here, and I don't have them posted to a URL location as of yet. Peace, not War.... wait... nm... Dmon66 (The screenie is 1024x768x32 on my 1600x1200x32 desktop windowed mode.)