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  1. All 3 PC DOWNLOAD LINKS are good so far.
  2. Yup, had the same error with both the .14 and .15 update patches... so I downloaded the FULL INSTALL and installed on top of my existing "updated" game and all was well.
  3. "No sound" (sticky related) versus "bionic hearing" (this thread) - both two different things... I've also have this bionic hearing, but before I upgraded to Win10. My bionic hearing started when the in-game audio methods changed a few loads back. (Hi Al!)
  4. Cheers to you! While I never had the chance to get to know you, I too am sorry to read this from you. Our prayers for you, your family and closest friends, even those of us here still supporting you..
  5. Having similar issues here, only with AMD video card... Was running the game in Win8.1 with same HW the other day and had no problems... Upgraded to Win 10 with no problems... Wanted to do a clean install, did so and reinstalled same Win 10 and drivers, but had to install new game patch... Game steps/lags like a-you-know-what now... tried uninstalling and reinstalling game as well as gpu drivers, and still have so much lag and low fps that game is unuseable... Thinking network traffic might be suspect... not sure, nut nothing else has changed other than what I've listed above. ...but looks like I'll be losing forum access again as of Monday.
  6. Not really sure if it will help the above issues, but it might be worth a shot: Unpark the cores of your CPU - (find the 3rd party utility to do this) Apply the 4gb patch to the WWIIOL executable if you are using a 64bit OS with more than 4gb ram - (find the 3rd party utility to do this) Get a 64bit OS with more than 4gb ram (do a thread search or google the first 2 items)
  7. thanks, i'll try this with the next set of drivers
  8. had to do same for latest 13.11b8, too
  9. +1 Worked for me after installing the latest AMD 13.10 b2... have been desperate looking for a fix for this issue since earlier this year when the *newer* drivers started being released... had to keep uninstalling and going back to the last good driver, 13.4 for me I think it was. Thanks for this tip.
  10. New computer, installed OS, completed all updates, reinstalled game from full install, copied over keymapping files from previous install... can no longer see map mark labels. MSWin7 64bit 16gb ram AMD 6990 with 12.7 driver I had this once before but cannot recall what it took to remedy the issue.
  11. ... I still say this helps... (btt)
  13. BTT - Also FWIW... I used ntcore's util (and not LAA) and have no issues scoring kills on the enemy. Don't confuse the two (LAA vs ntcore util) even though they are supposed to do something similar. I7-930@4.2 24gb ram 6990+6970 pushing 3x1 Eyefinity Trifire on 3 24" 1920x1200 128mb SSD MSWin 7 Ultimate 64 bit Trying out the latest AMD beta drivers... had favorable results with the last 12.6 drivers WRT to tearing and stutter at 5760x1200... but that's a different thread.
  14. I agree with the earlier overclock statement. I have an I7 930 (2.sumthin ghz stock) OC'd to 4.2ghz. Been this way for a year and a half now. Love it!
  15. I used to think I was the poster child of this (or similar) issue... I disabled IPV6 and also made sure port forwarding was enabled to cover 27021 through 27105. After making those two changes, I could now regularly start and join the game again.