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  1. can't launch directly always sends me to Safari... can't launch like I used to before patch
  2. Sign me up for an allied fairmile if possible. Thanks
  3. Thanks, gotta be video card according to specs. Uh oh. OK, G4 days over I guess.
  4. Been busy recovering from college bills, writer's strike, housing slump, etc. and about to have a breakdown because I cannot play WWIIOL since 1.28. System worked until the new upgrade and my system is configured for work purposes so I'm restricted in what I can do as far as drivers, video card, etc. The game launches, mission launches, then CTD. Sometimes I even spawn, but then I CTD immediately. Anyone else have this problem. I'm looking for the system requirements (mac) for the new version. I'm on an old G4 dual 1gig w/1.5 gig ram. Are my gaming days over with this system? Thx, jaypee