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  1. After a few years I'm leaving. The last changes took emotions of the game (sappers, constant changes in the availability of equipment etc.) especially of FBs Did not like. so I'm leaving, perhaps temporarily if everything returns to normal. Thank you all and good luck! (sry translate) S!
  2. FBs

  3. FBs

    there is no more attack on FB FB is no longer important no one no one defends attacks only destroy when no defense Thrill of the game is running slowly Arcade correria(counter strike game)
  4. My Fps old version 50-60, now 15-20 . Fps drop 5-6 for a moment if EA over.... sry but i can not play...
  5. V. 1.30 ...bugs, bugs and + bugs!!!!! Me too: "Out of memory", 2 min... " Out of memory " sh....!!!!
  6. ;)OK!!! I activated an (old) account today. but all persona are lockeds...(in game). The status my account is: "ACTIVE" Which the problem?