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  1. As described by others above, the rudder often will be shifted to one direction on spawn. To fix it, all I have to do is shift the rudder back and forth a couple times while spawned in. No recalibration necessary. In fact, moving the rudder several times through its full range is a standard part of my pre-takeoff. THis is with CH rudder pedals. Might be different with other setups. It IS harder, BTW, to be successful in the air on a Mac than a high-end PC, because this is the part of the game where the performance of your system (FPS) is most critical. If Apple will get off its butt and fix the OpenGL bottleneck, the playing field hopefully will level somewhat.
  2. I have the exact same monitor as you. Here's what I did. Go into the wwiiol config application and choose the highest resolution that does not have "distorted" listed next to it. It's 1344x1008, IIRC. Then every time you're about to fire up the game, change your desktop resolution to the same thing in the display panel of system preferences. This give you a non-distorted game view and improves performance by having desktop resolution and game resolution the same.
  3. A friend of mine just bought that set up and he's quite happy with it, though he does not play WWIIOL. He does get reasonable performance playing World of Warcraft, but in my experience, having played both, WWIIOL is much more demanding on the system. If you're thinking about Mac Powerbook, hold off until the first Intel processor machines come out, which from what I've heard is only a couple months away and should give a lot better performance for gaming.
  4. As described here, the calibration system is bugged in the Mac version -- the game loads only the global.calib file no matter what and will not override it with an appropriately named unit-specific calibration file. Again this appears to be a Mac-specific bug as PC players apparently are able to have multiple different calibration files for different unit types.
  5. Merlin, I'm quite sure the only file being loaded is global.calib no matter what. I made quite a drastic change in the rudder setting (including the curve of the line) in the other files so I could be sure it was loading, and it was definitely not being used. I think this might need to be listed as a Mac-specific bug.
  6. I'm trying to set up different rudder calibrations for different airplanes, as described by SgtSpoon in this thread, but I haven't been able to get it to work. I've tried putting different rudder calibrations in files called p38f.calib, d520.calib and even air.calib, but the only one the game ever uses is global.calib, no matter which unit I spawn. I've tried both on and off line. No dice. Anyone know if this might be a Mac-specific problem? I'm asking also over in the hanger to make sure I'm doing it right and that PC users have gotten it to work.