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  1. I actually tested Destroyer gun range at Antwerp. My destroyer would fire from port to the enemy foward base to the east. My alt account would watch the rounds blow up mid air.
  2. Hello, I have a great recommendation for Artillery. Well use the M5a1 Howitzer 105mm To utilize the how to, you'll have to obviously orient your barrel at a high angle for its firing Arc. When aiming down sights, it gives you its Azimuth and Elevation. Your ammunition will be 5 Location rounds which you fire and watch it on the map (Friendly/Blue mortar flying through the map) the purpose of it is to track where it will land. Once you see its splash mark on the map, you can adjust from there or swap over to HE rounds and begin your bombardment. The second option would be LOS Line of Sight firing, where you would use a rangefinder to determine the Elevation of your gun for more accurate fire. The trade off is that if you see them, they see you. Note that due to current limits for the engine, maximum range would be 5km(1km short of the Destroyer) or shorter for balancing effects. The artillery will have a slow reload time of 6.8seconds per shot, and to rearm would be double the time. Artillery is extremely loud, so be weary of where you set up.
  3. Hello, a M4a3 105mm Howitzer With a bulldozer would be amazing for the Americans and French Armies. The 105mm would serve a purpose of infantry support, while its bulldozer could either Create Dirt Mounds, or Delete PPO's
  4. Hello. I was wondering if we could get a expansion on the 23# series? Simply, take the 232, remove its roll cage and modify its turret. 234- 20mm auto cannon with a mesh turret top. 234 pakwagon - 76mm Pak 234 Stummel - 76mm howitzer 234 puma - 57mm gun with turret
  5. I was wondering if it would be possible to have the ability to swap around crew members in your vehicle? For instance, your driver dies, you move your radio operator / hull gunner to that position. Gunner dies, your loader or commander takes over. Second, large towns should have a depot control point where vehicles have the ability to be repaired, rearmed and have crew replenished. The town would need to be contested, and depending on the severity of the damage, time could take 90-120+ seconds. Repair/ towing vehicles implemented to repair vehicle driving components such as tracks and wheels, but other driving modules like the engine would either need you to be towed or have reduced power.
  6. Last year, CRS brought to us a winter map with light snow... This year, would it be possible to edit the map files to lower the Clouds to Ground Elevation, decrease density, and adjust the color to be more White? This would mimic total Blizzards, and should make combat more intense and interesting.
  7. I've actually been able to place AOs on towns as OIC
  8. While on each Campaign, we have our own numbers of HC. There are at times where we dont have a single HC unit online, if not AFK. While reputation goes a long way in WWIOL. I believe having backup HC members selected by their appropriate HC to act on their behalf when no primary HC is online. I myself usually bug Allied HC to make me OIC of brigades, just so I have basic access to HC tools. Not only will it allow me to better communicate with the Allied HC, it also gives me control of my Brigade, so I can move it where necessary, as well as set AO's where necessary. Since WWIOL has a wide variety of brigades for Army, Navy, and Air Force. Your HC should appoint a HC Reserve of any certain brigades. What that means is that for those very renown players who have been around for a while, but don't want to be full time HC can be appointed as OIC, or they can self-nominate themselves for what ever unit they wish. Do understand that full HC will be able to usurp and veto any decision made by Those OIC HC reserve officers. (Sometimes I leave my main Account as a OIC when population is low so we have a Acting HC online just in case we dont have any Active HC, and I tell you.. it gets extremely nerve wracking because you're not official HC, and you know your actions can not only alter the course of the campaign. But also affect plans your HC had)
  9. The navy is a great asset of the game. But it's old and out dated. But to revamp it for more gameplay would be amazing, aside from spending hours to drive a freighter from a naval station to a allied town to pick up truck to drop off at another town to set a msp.... Why not have the Navy be able to mobilize their freighter as a mobile spawn. It's a large target but with it being so large If its deployed, the owner of the vehicle has to remain in the vehicle but is able to man the guns on it for defence. It wont be a impenetrable fortress as bombs and other devices can easily destroy it. It will give more gameplay for the navy. Especially with the upcoming expansions for the Zeelands. Onto the Airborne. This one seems a little more impossible. But a Mission leader flying the para plane should be able to fly in a circle over the AO. As long as the vehicle is within the set AO boundary with a 2km ring outside the town. Players should be able to to spawn in and if not seated in the plane, at least be paradropped wherever the plane is flying. This will increase Gameplay with paratroopers. And while a flying plane can be used as a mobile spawn, we all know how vulnerable a large slow flying plane will be. (Old players know being dropped over 1km you no longer fall... but float) And to add to the Airborne. Another troop can set the old fashion MSP (crates) to act as a Glider point to spawn 25mm AAA or AT?
  10. had to get a picture or 3 from your stream showing my Destroyer
  11. Windows was activated, but had weird issues with harddrive, gotta find my cd key to reactivate lol
  12. For those who dont know, Im Tyrdaimp / Axios, I have recently began taking pictures of battles and whatnot to share with the world. Below are some of the pictures of the event that took place!
  13. Any one remember the good old days when Your rank and position determined how you looked? I remember being a sniper in the French army looking for the Axis High Command with their Officer uniforms and the red stripe down the side! Or seeing the NCO's look different from regular troops, as well as OIC's, and whatnot? Gahh cant wait until those days come back!
  14. I was Driving the Churchill with the 93mm Howitzer.... Drove her right into town, Noticed the HEAT cannot kill a simple 232 or pz2c.. Let alone kill infantry with the massive HE rounds. It has the same, of not weaker effect than standing next to a hand grenade.