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  1. While only currently and coming soon. Bombs, Grenades, Mortars, and I believe rifle grenades are the only entities that have real time Ballistics, I think adding the ballistics to Destroyers , and Heavy ATGs would improve gameplay. With the Bomber, Destroyer, and Heavy ATG, all having large HIGH EXPLOSIVE Ordinances, being able to see infantry at a further distance would help. It sucks that infantry could see you beyond the normal 700-800m visual range which is limited to said vehicles. Boosting the visual range for Destroyers to 1500, and thier projectile range to 6km (to cause damage to infantry) Boosting Bombers from 700m visual and Damage to a Indefinite Projectile range, but 1000m visual. Boosting Heavy ATG from 800m to 2500 Projectile and 1500 Visual. *The reasoning for this would be to lay a foundation for Artillery support. -Destroyers have 125mm HE rounds, that are very devastating. Currently they would have to be in a port to support a objective and kill forces. -Heavy ATGs have decend HE splash Damage, for instance the FR / US heavy ATG is a 105mm Howitzer, modified to fire a 76.2mm Projectile (laying foundation for Artillery) Using the firing data from the existing CS vehicles with a 105mm and a Appropriate sight scope for ranges of 100m -250m - 500m -750m -1000m) - Bombers for thier Projectile distance over time. (Bombs fly much slower than a Destroyers projectile, and doesnt travel as high or far.)
  2. Adding more gameplay features to add to the diversity of simple capture and hold towns and bust fans. Every once in a while a random front line FB has a chance (15%) to turn into a fortress (larger camp with tons of tents/ sand bags, hangars, etc) which would make combat a little more fun. The objective remains the same, bust the FB. But with more to destroy/ hold. There could also he added castles per region (France, Zeelands, Germany, etc) and they would be extremely unique. For instance, one could be on a mountain, where there is only 1 or to roads, with a bridge, an inside the castle would be mainly infantry combat (vehicles can enter / there would be plenty of gun emplacements) A added incentive for those castles would be a faster cap timer for the region (1-5%) Castles would remain indefinitely contested, while cramped, would have alot of CPs (wings or castle sections) There also will be a small village or town surrounding or near the castle too. -gun emplacements allow AAA and ATG to buffer fortifications, the bridge can be destroyed or rebuilt to allow APCs or CVs to push and hold. There will be small paths for infantry to take to climb to the castle -Castle AI is just as tough as AF AAA (since it's always contested, also MG ai will also cover the pathways.) -gives diversity to gameplay
  3. Good day new people! Myself and plenty of veterans would like to see you folks introduce yourselves! Also dont hesitate to reach out here or in a private message, if you have questions or seek advice pertaining to the game. What is one thing you enjoy the most about this game, and what is ine thing you dislike the most about the game.
  4. I've been a long time player on wwiiol. I never played HC, but due to my work hours pushing me to fight in TZ3 (where theres no RAT or HC available) i try to log on early and either have my main or placeholder Alt acc, get OIC whichbhas generic HC commands (place / remove AO & Relocate units) due to me working as OIC, I've had tons of people tell me to apply for HC, I just dont want to go through some training thing (quite petty) inwould only have 2 days to even give to wwiiol in that sense.
  5. Inwas under the impression the 2lbr was held back from f2p due to it being more powerful than the other 2 weaponry. So I never really complained about my f2p acc not having access to the 2lbr. It actually made me a great deal better with using the 25mm ATG.
  6. It's a gag suggestion. I'm just looking into getting the 100 round drum for the Tommy gun
  7. With the Freighter being used as a FMS, its obviously a larger and more open target compared to every other option. Hopefully the freighter loaded up trucks from other missions so we can have traditional style FMSs to bolster the attack with the Freightrr FMS. Obviously aircraft can kill the freighter. But also Paks, 88s, Tigers, Stugs, Bofors 40mm, etc... so it would be a good trade off with what the FMS can offer with spawning light vehicles
  8. The vehicles would be spawned inside the cargo hold, and infantry in the upper hold. The crane would need to manually move vehicles from the hold onto land, (while hoisted you're a open target) only 4 vehicles can be spawned at a time to prevent vehicle overflow. We could even implement specific freighters where the entire bow opens up with a ramp for vehicles and infantry to spew out
  9. After the Allies enter the war. Could the french be reduced to a resistance / mafia? Get the 100 round drum Tommy gun, nice coats and top hats, etc... But in all seriousness, a resistance team would be pretty cool to have in game, not as operationally functional as a normal divison or garrison, but a Addative ontop of the garrisons (some what like italians) but these resistance fighters would be focused more down south in the french area.
  10. Using the freighter as a mobile spawn would be a great addition to gameplay. While it is a large vehicle, and a open target. When deployed, it can spawn in Infantry, Light and Medium guns, and light vehicles. Options for deployment are; It turns into a Static object (like the old truck msps) and use AI for AAA. : or Vehicle owner remains inside the vehicle as its deployed as a mobile spawn and could manually use AAA, or have a multi crew to utilize it. To destroy, 8- 12 Bombs would be needed to destroy the map. All units will be spawned inside the ship. The ship operator will need to manually move trucks or guns off the ship and infantry from the side boats. -Old video I made
  11. A while ago I discovered how to board a freighter or destroyer. Due to the update in player models, a lot of things went fubar. (Cannot climb ladders, Tigers, Trees, etc)
  12. So theoretically speaking. RDP is completely useless. All it does is slow down Tier changes, and not supply.
  13. I normally disable my anti virus programs, but have Origin, Discord, Steam, and firefox open in the back ground when playing
  14. Totally agree.
  15. Instead of the typical battle in the towns, it would be quite interesting to have 2 FBs Duke it out on the forest. The objective isntondestroy the other sides FB. Use of Armored vehicles to launch smoke along with Motar units to cover engineers as they begin to fortify positions throughout the forest for a intense joint arms warfare!! Good idea?