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  1. The rats have replied to this kind of question before, and they said its the motherboard that the G4 is connected too. The best apple ever got was 167mhz, versus the 600+ ones that AMD and intel based ones started to get at the same time. So the bottleneck isn't the CPU, the GPU, or the memory anymore, its the motherboard bandwidth.
  2. I decided to say hi again. Been away at school for what seems like forever and finally at home, so I stopped by to see how things are. Is there a "welcome back soldier" thing going on right now? I can access all the forums that say that I can't w/o a sub, but I can't get into the game itself. How very odd. Good to see some familiar names though, so much has changed, yet it still stays the same I don't think that, even if I could get in game, my comp could play it. But I guess even the new macintels have the rosetta problem still, here's to hoping that the rats make the new tech run like a dream.
  3. You do not have to do anything to get it to work. It just will. The only thing you may have to do is calibrate it, which can be done wath the WWIIOL config app.
  4. G5

    Yes it does.
  5. Are there more places to create a new thread? I don't know what it would take (obviously), but as you said, sound and the map and other things are in their own thread, would it be possible to take things out of the game thread and make them their own? (like the physics calculations? or something?) If what I said is totally stupid, jsut respond with "not possible", I don't want to waste you time trying to explain to me
  6. Well I rarely crash regardless, but it has never been because of the cmd-tab thing. Sound is a POS tho, really annoying. My list: -ingame sound controls for the game only -ingame "search for available peripherals" option, so that you wouldn't have to restart the game to get your JS to work, which I just happened to forget to plug in before clicking play BTW, what comp r u running? and how's ur FPS? if you have THAT many programs running in the BG, you probably won't have any FPS. still depends on the comp tho.
  7. the ingame volume, I am guessing you mean somethign to do with listening to other people on TS. You can adjust the master volume using the keyboard keys. cmd-tab has NEVER caused a crash for me. Can't' help u there This game doesn't have to support USB devices, OS X does, and it does a damn fine job of it IMO.
  8. AHC recently wiped their database of all registrations. Supposedly is cleared out about 10k names. Anyways, there si a funciton in TS2 that is not in TSx called self-registration, or something like that. Anyways, you have to wait for a AHC TS admin to move you to where you want, you have no control. I dunno if they are planing a fix, I haven't heard anything.
  9. Well guys, I am off to college finally. I am at Tulane University, its in New Orleans, fall was cancelled so I was back at home enjoying time, but with all the stuff that will be going on here, I won't have time for the game. I've already unsubbed, and I put performance as my reason, but its because of my life becoming soemthign crazy I am having fun (first night and already hitting frat parties up and down teh street I'm going to have a lot more fun than my old neighborhood of retired lawyers and doctors who, as you know, loooove to throw parties) S! to you all, and to all a good night. BTW, viruses, I have a picture for you. Good to know all of you guys, I will probably return over summer. Oh, and support the Tulane school of engineering, read up on it if you want.
  10. The WMV plug-in for quicktime is now owned by microsoft and the basic converter is free. We no longer have to use the crap player!!!!! Don't use it yet, there appear to be a few bugs for QT7 atm. I have noticed that if you try to preview a WMV file when u r in column view in finder, finder will crash and restart (nothing else is affected, but very annoying). microsoft has it on their website too, but I lost the link already, and I guess that is for the better anyways
  11. Ya, this totally sucks. I was involved in an attack on a town as an inf and was running around since before the AO was put up so no tables, and the tables never show up for me , also I went into the AB to help out, no table (I knew that would happen) and I did some walking through the table to show off, and then when I walk out of the bunker i get mowed down by the AI that watches the door. That pissed me off.
  12. iMac 2.0ghz dual core (core duo) with 512MB ram and ATI x1600 Also the MacBook, 1.8ghz core duo, 1GB ram and ATI x1600 (costs about double the imac) I like the new gfx processor, but is the processor up to speed yet? you know there will be upgrades to clock speed sooner rather than later, but when will apple upgrade their specs? is it worth it to wait? When will the macintel version of WWIIOL be available?
  13. ^^^ I recommend making a simple new account, and logging into THAT account every time you want to play. This ensures that there are few background activites and anything you forgot about it off. You could always log out and log in, but I prefer the minimal account.
  14. You bastard I say hello to viruses and immediately have a ctd. You are infected I think.