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  1. Hello, I know exactly how to do this. I can't do it anymore, and that's partly how I know exactly how to do this. It's a 2 checkbox process. 1. Make sure you have the X52 joystick plugged into your X52 throttle. The joystick can sit somewhere completely out of the way, but it HAS to be connected to your X52 throttle. Something about the built in software requires the joystick to be connected. 2. After the joystick is connected, install the official Saitek X52 software. If you have the blue version, install the X52 software. If you have the all black version, then install the X52 Pro software. I had a pro. I now have a CH Combatstick and the X52 Pro throttle. My mouse won't work without my joystick which is far, far away from me. The CH stick is leagues better but I do miss all the fantastically bombastic Saitek buttons - especially the central red "LAUNCH" button hidden behind the protective flap with built in - state aware - multicolour LEDs. I hope that helps. I used to use the mouse in game whilst flying. It truly made it a HOTAS experience with Track IR, except for typing in chat.
  2. Ack, turns out my mate is having his b-day party on january the 9th so I can't attend the event.
  3. Can I join Stuka flight Kaga?
  4. It's better than nothing.
  5. Some guy found the fix for mouse acceleration.
  6. Basically, if I moved my mouse 3 inches to the right quickly then my ingame view would rocket off to the right but if I moved the same distance but very slowly then my ingame view would barely move but now it's always the same and I have no acceleration. The inf game was completely un-playable for me but this has changed that.
  7. All my shadows are off. Density is off. Texture reduction is on. Limit LOD and DOF are both on too. I record full screen, sound and at 60fps.
  8. omfg my mouse acceleration is gone. You are a GENIUS! I think this should be stickied.
  9. You can't patch any version of the game prior to the current playgate we now have. Do a full uninstall and download and install the full version of the current patch. If that doesn't work then it's something on your end.
  10. I've already done that to get my mouse moving but my issue is that mouse acceleration makes it extremely hard to aim.
  11. I just mean using Premiere Pro in general. I tried booting it up and after getting one of my clips in there and trying to export it as a HD 1080i video it came out looking like crap with no sound. Oh I hate moving onto new software. It's so confusing.
  12. I'm going to start playing around with it so that'd be pretty cool Jack.
  13. Anyone found a fix for it yet? The ground game is unplayable with it on and I have no clue how to tuen it off.