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  1. i'll rock the 110. PEW PEW PEW!
  2. fixed it by d/l the new sst software and drivers.
  3. isnt working in game anymore. i tried installing the new saitek drivers and it still isnt working. anyone else encounter and fix this? edit: the mouse knob and clicker does work when i go to calibrate the joystick out of game.
  4. actually it only launches into offline mode. im tired and lazy right now so ill just uninstall office and put it back on my computer later.
  5. and it works. u da man
  6. actually i did just install office a couple days ago. ill try that thanks.
  7. tonight. i try to load the game and i see the DOS prompt come up before the game normally would load and then nothing. i look for the process in the task manager and it just disappears like i killed the process. i uninstalled and then downloaded and reinstalled the game with the same result.. i havent had this happen since a patch ages ago (2 yrs maybe?) when lots of people were having this problem. any suggestions? i am thinking i will just wait till tomorrow and try again, and chances are it will work then. and my firewall is already configured to let WW2OL play through, so to speak. any help is appreciated.
  8. ive only cthl a couple of times in the past and once today. for some reason i keep getting a C++ runtime error for net event handler. i have no ideas what it is, but i do know i lose my internet connection after it crashes so i figure it has something to do with my mobo's network connection. any ideas? p.s. sorry if im being unclear.
  9. thank you gnasche.. after i get back from supper im going to reinstall my old vid card and give it a go...
  10. hey guys, ever since the last patch (which was hell to install btw), the game will just lock up. it also causes my computer to crash at the same time. i just recently installed a new vid card and ram stick (1gb). i thought it was a memory prob at 1st, so i removed the ram, same prob. i thought i was overheating, so i installed 2 more fans (maxed out my case), and the prob has gotten better... well till i just ctd... my only other option is to remove my x1600 pro and reinstall my 9600xt... my ? is guys, are there any known issues with ww2ol and the x1600? and is there a way to test the integrity of my vid card without physically swapping it out with my old one? thanks guys. and additional input is very welcome
  11. dunno man im trying to figure it out too...
  12. the latest file is the complete file right??
  13. gnashe check your pms man..