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  1. Forgive me if this has already been established somewhere in the thread that I missed, but I just updated from 10.5.8 to Snow Leopard and can now mark things as M/L in 1.30.xx. Didn't change a thing with my WWIIOL install or version, just started working after the OS update. Still have the waypoint bug where I can't rename them or create more than one, however.
  2. Try For the 1.30 full install
  3. mrpapp- Sounds similar to something I experienced yesterday with the newest beta. I'd pick an infantryman/ATG/Tank whatever, click spawn and after a second or two I'd CTD before I ever actually spawned. As I was methodically going through different game settings troubleshooting something else, I finally found that the only setting that gave me that CTD was having "Water shaders" enabled. I disabled the water shaders in the video settings and I've been able to spawn in every time since. Might be worth giving a shot, anyway.
  4. Marcus- Just wondering if you've tried today's beta release? I reported it in the bug forum under your original post, but FYI, I am still experiencing the same infantry eyepoint and weapons not firing after stance change issue that you reported back in Dec.
  5. MARKING* a:N, b:I, c:6
  6. Sparre, Ahwulf- Thank you very much for the replies. The G5 tower will last until January no problem (assuming 1.29 doesn't get released first with the PPC issues), didn't know there were new imacs in the works! An Apple store just opened in Portland, ME so wandered in there while my wife was sniffing the soap in Bath and Body works the other day. Got a bug in my @$$ to get a new imac after seeing that 24" glossy screen :-). Figured I could get her a new 13" PB AND a new imac for less than a new tower and monitor (with a trade-in of my current system, of course). Thanks again
  7. Been four years since I bought my dual 2.5GHZ G5 and getting the urge to get a new mac. Tempted by a new 24" imacs: 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GB Mem (would probaby upgrade to the full 4GB) 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS Don't want to trade in my tower only to find that there's some problem with the imac's vid card preventing me from running the game so figured I'd ask here first. Anyone running WWIIOL on one of the newer imacs? Haven't seen any complaints in the Mac support forums, but better safe than sorry
  8. Unless I get called away to work, I'll plan to fly a 111 with Red and the rest of the guys.
  9. 617 Dambusters continue to get the job done. The squad and numerous individual members received further recognition from AHC for their efforts in the Campaign #39 Allied victory including: CINC Unit Commendation (4th award) Allied Air Force Cross Nothing attracts women and sheep like sexeh ribbons. Join the Dambusters and become sexeh too! 1.28 is just around the corner, "Radar" will significantly alter the RDP and air war. We'll be ready....will you?
  10. This just in... 9 out of 10 Luftwaffe Pilots surveyed prefer the Dambusters! "The Dambusters are Just Awesome!" The air war is alive and well, you've just got to know where to look
  11. The 617 Dambusters have again been recognized by the Allied High Command for their outstanding efforts in slowing the Axis RDP and resupply effort during historic Campaign 37, the "truce" campaign. Furthermore, the 617 was awarded its first Suprior Unit Award at the conclusion of Campaign 37 With TOE's now a reality, and radar on the horizon, the effects of coordinated bombing will play an even more critical effect on the strategic war effort. The Dambusters are looking for willing pilots to take to the skies in a bomber or escort fighter and continue their dedicated service to the Allied High Command. Visit our website and forums (click the sig) for more information and join one of the most decorated and respected squads in WWIIOL today!
  12. One of the most talented and dedicated groups of RAF pilots in the game. Always appear eager to help where needed and to work with and train their new pilots. S! 75 Squadron.
  13. After a highly successful round the clock strategic bombing campaign during the Allied victory in Campaign 36, the Dambusters were awarded their third CinC Unit Commendation in recognition of their efforts as noted below. As Campaign 37 begins, we need pilots and crews to keep taking the fight to the Axis Homeland. Join us and become part of the legendary 617!