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  1. lol ok ok, i should have said "w/o paying an arm and a leg" =P lol its peopl;e like u that make my posts 4 miles long trying to cover every angle =P lol j/k wat u talkin bout integrated graphics? this baby has its own memory =) in fact its wat i've got in my desktop...well, the mobile version, anyway =P the ram im lookin at is 533 MHz and OCZ is pretty decent so that should cover the ram part. 1 thing i thought of last night after that post was whether i should go for 1 gig of 2 sticks or get 1 gig of 1 stick. im thinking of 1 stick since that allows me to upgrade to 2 gigs later, but i dont know how long from now that will be so i may not be able to find the same ram? or does it matter? at either rate, 1 stick wont allow me to take advantage of dual channel will it?
  2. Well its finaly that time. i just do not have space for the desktop anymore and the old laptop bit the dust. so, gaming laptop time i've decided on the model (from wat i can tell, this is pretty much the best gaming laptop u can get) and most of the specs, but i need some help. Check it out Here now, the most important thing to remember here is that i will be kicking in a $350 warranty to watever the comp costs, and budget IS limited, so price is an issue. first off: the cpu. im looking at 1.83 GHz, with maybe 2 GHz max ($375 increase for .16 GHz is a rip-off). thoughts? will there be a noticable difference between the 1.63 and the 1.83? will it be worth 50 bucks? wat about the 2.0 from the 1.83? next, the display (and damnit is it great). its either the standard display or the + $100 Ultra BrightView. i know nothing about the 2 so this is one of the biggest things i need help on. finaly: the HD. my current desktop HD is 80 gigs, and it is just not enough. 20 gigs extra would be a life saver to me. now if i opted for the 100 gig HD, would the cost difference between the 100GB 5400 RPM and the 100GB 7200 RPM be worth the boost? load time really arent that big an issue with me so if it will shave 1.5-3 seconds off load times (like i think it will), then its not. the BIG choice is the 160GB dual HD...i would almost kill for a dual HD, and doubling the size of my current HD would at least be worth a few armed robberies =P honestly this is more of a personal opinion type thing, but i have no experience with dual HD's so any advice/comments would be welcome in helping to decide if the extra $100 is worth the boost (REMEMBER: im tacking on a $350 warranty here, and i'd REALLY like to keep the cost under $1500...$1400 preferably...$1600 MAX). for any1 messing around with the cost, ill be getting the minimum 512 MB of ram from HP and buying most likely 1 gig of OCZ ram to put in its place...possibly 2 gigs ($75 per gig), b/c HP's ram price is ridiculous thoughts? comments?
  3. i noticed something in the newsletter that mentioned something about and Russian networks not wanting to cooperate with them somehow. if u are on either of those 2 providers then they're emails may not be getting to u or urs may not be getting to them. try setting up a gmail account gmail is better than any email u will/have ever used neway...cant beat close to 3 gigs of server space and growing...VERY simple and can access easily from anywhere. i'd advise setting up one of those and trying to contact the rats from there or changing ur info so match the new address.
  4. i never understood the need for an eleventybillion Watt PSU... an antec 350 W can run more crap than i could possibly fit in my comp. friend of mine from AppState has same psu as me and runs 2 hd's, SLI (6600GT's?), 19" monitor, 5 fans, dual core processor just fine. 1 mid-range psu from some1 like antec will run anything and everything u can cram into that comp. cost meh 60 bucks and its garunteed to last forever (lifetime warranty ftw)
  5. well damn u could upgrade ur mobo for 50 bucks w/o changing the cpu, i just gotta watch the compatability. although, if are in fact looking to upgrade the cpu some time in the near future, then ur right...hold off for the win. as far as upgrading from the 6600GT...i would not even think about it until u can shell out the $ to upgrade the mobo (and cpu?) and get a 7600 at least. the diff between a 6800 and 6600 is NOT going to be worth the cost difference (this actually holds true for most upgrades...). in fact, upgrading from meh last 6600GT to this new 7600GT isnt really THAT much of an upgrade (performance wise), but i happen to find this card with the same price as i paid for meh 6600GT so =) i'd sooner save and upgrade ur cpu and mobo neway. ur 6600 will do fine for a while to come, but a newer cpu (and i get the impression that ur current cpu is rather dated) WILL boost ur performance by MORE than 40% most likely. just my opinion though. i'd wait for a comment from 1 of the more tech-saavy gents here =P just make sure u get a mobo with both AGP and PCI-E so u can keep the 6600 till the time and/or $ comes to upgrade that too just for reference, upgrading my rig and recycling several non-performance related parts (hdd etc...) cost me $550. was using a 5 year old dell with a geforce 4 mx 200 till just last november (yea, i know). new case, psu, cpu, gpu, and mobo. basically a whole new comp for half the price
  6. well i just got a 7600GT for 154 bucks so perhaps looks into that? and i highly doubt u will get 40% increase from 6600GT no matter HOW much u spend on a card
  7. well i'd be sending this comp back to my younger brother. poor soul is still playing games on an old dell o.0. and no basic laptop, for low enough price to allow me to still break for a killer desktop too, would be able to even start ww2ol =P hell, it might have trouble with CS =P aside from that, i already have a VERY basic laptop =P the idea behind the laptop was a) i could run my video editing stuff quickly and effeciently have a much better laptop for general purpose and c) have a MOBILE gaming comp. as a college student, that would be worth gold; im just afraid to shell out that much $ (even though it is a great deal) for something that may overheat after couple hours of play. surely theres SOMEONE out there who runs a gaming laptop?
  8. honestly i had huge trouble with my 6600GT cooling. after about a month i started getting this regularly: i didnt want to remove the heatsink and fan b/c i figured this couldnt possible be that. nvidia temp always said it was in the 50's, even after ww2ol for a while, yet it would do ^ that after just a few minutes of some days. ended up having to remove the side of the case and set a very large (and very loud) fan there to run at all (and damnit it got cold =P) i looked into perhaps replacing the fan and heatsink but wasnt sure if it really was overheating (b/c it was always in the 40's/50's and it "overheated" after literaly 15 seconds of the loading screen). so, are these 3rd party things easy enough to install (even though im now getting a 7600GT with the refund $ from newegg)? i'd read alot about the modding u had to do to em to make em fit (which i wasnt sure i had the know-how for).
  9. ok, found this 1 with a $20 rebate to make it $154. 7600 GT. didnt realize they were that low in cost. only thing i can see is is that that heatsink & fan looks VEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYy small. and it would be nice if it came with 128mb onboard ram. with a gig of system ram i'd much rather save 30 bucks than have an extra 128mb of unused ram and its green =P i cant have a bland green component in there cramping my style...the orange mobo, the blue ram, red PSU, black cd-rom, black HD....and green card...nop...just doesnt fit =P [edit] just checked my email and FINALY got something from newegg. refund amount was $150 but theres a $20 restocking fee....WTF!?! the thing cant be resold...its y the hell can they charge me a $20 restocking fee?
  10. that good eh? i missed it so ill go take peek.
  11. yea it does seem like 6600 or 6800 are my only choices. wat i'd like to know from any1 who's used both or uses the the performance boost worth it? if not ill just swing for another 6600GT made by a dif company. seems when i was putting this thing together i decided the boost wasnt worth the $ difference...
  12. so then how bout from the store in greenville? (wish this was 2 weeks ago =P not in school now so im 5 hours away again). it looks like a killer deal but i'd think laptops would suffer seriously from overheating during extended use (and damnit, it WILL see extended use =P) i also cant perform any repairs or mods on it myself b/c i know more about hotdogs than i do about laptops. so, any laptop users here? good deal? gaming laptop = good idea? oxymoron? on a side note: wat are the odds some1 would buy the exact same thing at the same time and so close-by? =P
  13. recently i've found myself really wanting a better laptop and (when do i not?) a better gaming comp (entirely new rig, no recycled parts like the current 1 =P). well i've been looking around and found this: always wanted a gaming laptop (who doesnt?). its both in 1 =) well, i have 0 knowledge when it comes to laptops. looks better than my current desktop component-wise. VERY good cost too. so, how well do laptops function as gaming comps? overheating an issue? how do LCD screens work with it? (i've always used CRT)
  14. PCI-E, but of course =) 200 bucks is a bit more than i am able atm (note my student =P) i've read a lot of stuff about overheating issues with the 6600GT so i was thinking more or less of a more stable card. seeing as i would rather stick with nvidia though, i figure my choices are limited so hence y i thought i'd ask
  15. to add to reddog's post, make sure the ram is dual channel.