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  1. You know how that is. "Shouldn't" and "Isn't" aren't the same thing. I know that WoW and some other games have had issues with Mac+Nvidia, but I don't know what those were. As far as memory allocation not being a problem, it has to do with the setup of the new Nehalem Macs, that don't really have a FSB to the RAM in the old sense.
  2. Well, if it's allocating memory, that's probably why mine's not bothering me, on this new Mac Pro. Also, any difference between ATI and Nvidia video? Mac seems to work better in a lot of games with ATI... (ATI 4870 here)
  3. 30+ at almost all times, 60+ if there's not a lot around. 1920x1080. Mac Pro, quad-core, 4870 ATI 512 MB vid, 6GB Ram, Leopard.
  4. At the moment, I'm actually getting *better* FPS mac-side, than I am from XP on the same hardware, on games that have both versions. Probably because Mac-side I'm using 2 cores for vid alone, and one for game. i.e. 3 cores for game.
  5. I finally let go of my old 1.2 dual G4. I'm now using a new quad-core with a 512 MB ATI 4870, and it has enough sheer power to run 50-100 frames most of the time. I have a bootcamp partition, but not using it for this game.
  6. Strangely enough, I have not CTD'd since the last patch. At all.
  7. Yeah, assuming you have enough RAM to hold the game process, OSX isn't doing any swapping, and the game runs from RAM anyway. Losing the RAM to the RAM disk might even slow you down. I kniow that with 2GB RAM, wwiiol and TS running, top still shows 300M RAM completely free/unused.
  8. I'm running on 10.5. USB is USB, Intel or PPC, so it should work fine.
  9. Hey, from what I hear, my old dual 1.2 G4 plays the game as well as the new intel chipsets. Don't be taking my fat binary away, just because you have more cash to buy new computers with. I just slapped a new vid card in my 5 year old Mac, and now I get better framerates than some of you talk about having on newer hardware.
  10. My only consistent crash is after about 3-4 hours, looks like a memory leak. Very occasional sound one, but haven't had it since patch, but we'll see this weekend.
  11. Not seeing any of these issues. Are you telling it the correct location to update the game?
  12. Might look at this. Good luck. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=227222