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  1. have you tried getting POZ?
  2. i got kill credit for you
  3. MY entire AAR from the USS Oglala (3 kills, 7 damages, 2 crew losses, no fire, taken multi bombs and strafes. Not even a bloody list): "OH NOT AGAIN"
  4. Oglala plzthz
  5. so a 6 month committment or paying 3 more bucks a month. might cancel my sub..
  6. only have C drive, its 5 yearrrssss old. tried booting from disc and formating from there or just plain booting, formatting told me the drive was too corrupt (derp?) and i just get blue screened when booting
  7. computer wont even completely boot, tried to reformat finally by booting from a disc and it just told me C:/ was corrupt.
  8. effing lol. turns out theres a 90 percent chance it IS my RAM! and omg why did this get moved. I put this in OT for a reason. Put a typewriting in a room with a thousand monkies, one of them will eventually write shakespeare..
  9. meh, going to a tech forum, wrote the full error down while i could. OT wont say anything but moar ram buuut: 0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0x89FBC9F0, 0x89FBCB64, 0X805D2954) edit: 'meh' as in i sat infront of my computer case-side open with two fans on it and a air filter right next to it, while blowing into the case in such a manner that would make moxin proud.
  10. oh god the rest of the internet. hold meh ot
  11. I'm getting 0x000000F4 (0xRANDOMCRAP, 0xRANDOMCRAP ect..) BSODs 10-15 or more minutes after startup. I've no clue whats causing this, lately my computer has been getting stuttery and now its plagued by this. Any solutions par a new hard drive or some crap?
  12. While playing or doing.. anything.. it really likes to hang around 30-40 FPS, +70 if flying, then just straight drop to literally 0 FPS and freeze all last control input. (IE if i bank right before FPS crashes, i come back and my planes upside down) Most my hardware is a few yrs old but always ran the game fine up until a couple weeks ago. thoughts?
  13. this squad is filled with people who pay 15 dollars a month to stare at the map
  14. 4:52 you scared the hell out of me when i got hit by those, i flipped out trying to find you.. stay away from meh fmb!!