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  1. I guess what would happen with your suggestion is: everyone playing as rifleman after 10 mins of ao. Rifle wars.... Rifle angry wars...
  2. Marks goal is to give you a notion of the enemy position. Not the exact one. Plus what makes you think that precise marks and icons would make you die less? Quite the oposite. The enemy team would have 2 guys on binos 24hrs spotting and the enemy tanks would be ripping u apart no matter how hidden you are. Another example: After driving your tank for 10 mins you arrive in the AO and one infantry spot you, all the suddently all the enemy tanks can see a frikking red icon over your head and you would be dead instantly. This idea is just real bad.
  3. The problem of that idea is: - Hey mate1, theres this game, ww2ol, give it a try. Download and lets play with me. Join the axis and we go together. - Mate2, I can't join axis, only allied, something to do with population I think. - Ugh, I can't join allied, otherwise my squad is going to kick me. - Lets play another game then? - Sure, lets go.
  4. Schweize, I belive the problem is exactly when the person choose a side to play the whole campaign. Normally they take this decision based on the result of the last campaign, as you mentioned. Locking them away would even increase the problem, wouldn't it? What about when intermission starts there's a popup asking which side the person will play the next campaign with a bar showing the results. Not in numbers, but in %? That way people would know if the next campaign will be balanced or not. This would also encourage people to make a decision based on the numbers. For example, if I see that 80% of the people are going to play as axis, I could switch to allied. If people could change votes during the intermission I belive that this way people would look to balance the numbers. What do you guys think?
  5. Hey guys, how are you? I'm seeing a new trend that is stronger every day, and it's worth the attention. The name is Discord. Don't get me wrong, I'm a long term user of team speak and I always though it was the best over ventrillo and skype, but then Discord came. Discord mix great and free voice comunication, robust chat and forum/like system that reminds IRC and whatsapp, free mobile app and it works even on a browser. It's great for game devs as you can keep your community together and a user can participate in various discord communities at same time. So I could be speaking on another discord server and still get a notification from Xoom about a Welcome back soldier promotion. I'm seeing more and more game communities going to Discord and I hope you guys can create a Channel there. I'm pretty sure thats the future of game coms. Here is a invite to a fully working Discord community to you guys have a better idea on how it works. from the game "Squad":
  6. My friend had a similar problem and it was that c++ package etc etc
  7. sorry, but modern stug would win NT-8X2JOcAc
  8. Hello rats. I have one suggestion for you that maybe will increase alot the game performace, especially on big battles. I dont know if it has been posted before, but here it is: Remove the auto explosion from HE rounds(those range limit air explosions) making their simple disappear instead. (or at least make an option to we dont see/hear it) Those autoexplosions are reallistic, I agree. But they kill the frame rate incredibly. One big battle near an AF or DDs, heavy ais, big planes furballs and your client will have to load: hundreds of sounds from the he autoexplosion, the animation of the explosion and the smoke made by it. Hundreds of those. If they simple disappear like in every other game around there I think that would improve alot the FPS and people wont be missing anything. when I had an low end computer those explosions really killed my framerate and now with my new computer I dont feel it very much, but i think it's still there. So, what do you think about it?
  9. the problem is the auto mouse aceleration BS that we get using win7
  10. actually its the bits problem.... no 32bits system can run more than 3.4gb.. only 64bits
  11. what error do you get?
  12. do you have xp 64bits? 32bits cant read 4gb and they say that 64bits of xp is notthat great
  13. I think I post this in the wrong section... if a mod is kind enought to move it to military history??? thanks ;(