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  1. happy new years to everyone! 2020 is a new year, and a start of a new decade. hope everyone has a safe new years eve, and if you're already in 2020, have a safe new years day! n8 allied dcos
  2. All. I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a good day. @CHIMMOpen my present!!! - n8 allied dcos
  3. merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone. have fun. i have a present waiting for @CHIMM - n8 allied dcos
  4. i have a present for chimm
  5. back in the day, there were no FMSs.... i disagree with this. it doesn't matter how many players you have on a truck at a time, what about para planes too??? i know para planes isn't a problem, but just bringing up another example.
  6. I totally agree on this, Highest ranking player on that side should be able to clear and place AOs, nothing else. going off of what @foe2 said, HC is boring now, basically placing and clearing AOs, sometimes moves flag, garrisons have made it easier for any side to breakout towards the opposing factories. imo, i do not like the garrisons, but are very useful if you have no supply in a frontline town, so you can bring backline supply.
  7. something must be wrong....
  8. yo n8 back my game freezes whenever i try to load it up... any thoughts?
  9. Soldiers As of 6/12/19 - This player has been recognized by Allied Officers for their tremendous effort in RDP! These following player(s) have been awarded! DRAKE1 DUSTYHC RDP Bombing Ribbon "Death from Above, dark angels, dambusters.... Call them what you will, all those bomber pilots make the true Bomber Command's motto: "Strike Hard, Strike Sure." The efforts in RDP Bombing of this pilot make a difference in the war outcome." Congratulations! - N8 Allied DCoS
  10. Along with the Allies
  11. Webmap and Stats are down apparently?
  12. i think there should be more naval action WEST of MAP, if the allies are advancing towards the german factories --- more NAVAL action w/ destroyers, freighters, etc. the only naval action imo is in the start of a map, or if the axis are advancing east
  13. Air battles are great. Delems.
  14. you know da vibe