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  1. These following players have been awarded for their good defense in Mulheim. THEMOUSE CHZACC DEFENSIVE RIBBON Thank you for your guys amazing defense! S!
  2. Happy Veterans Day everyone. I am here to salute all of our Veterans, that fought in any war. Going from WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, etc. Thank you Veterans for your service.
  3. Thank you sir! My AARs the best in the business, atleast what CHIMM sarcastically said
  4. I feel like, players should get immortalized for capping a well known CP, that no-one tends to neglect. So therefore, I shall say Jwrona is the best CITY CP capper, and will always be, because he doesn't care what people say, he just goes into the CITY CP, and starts capping it, like a genius. Add an award for CITY CP CAPPER, and slap it on the JWRONAs FOREHEAD/PLAYER DECALS The badge should say "Jwrona and his CITY CPs" I'm out! LOL
  5. maybe add a poll to the game when you first log in during intermission so where you can vote for what you want in intermission, d-day, navy battles, air/navy battles, para battles, operations.
  6. This might sound like a dumb idea but, how about adding a feature where Allied/Axis can pick up any weapon off of the ground that they see? I feel like this could be useful, if you run out of ammo, and don't have to keep going back and fourth just to get resupplied, from an attacking FMS, or a defensive FMS. Realistically enough, give an animation to it. - Like you have a key-bind to press to pick up the weapon. I thought this would be really useful.
  7. Congratulations to Colt, Gore, Justin, Col!
  8. In my past experience as being on both sides, along with being in both High Commands - I've realized that the PB-HC relationship, is not too well. Going from, PB yelling at the HC officers, for not only doing their job, but also doing what the MOIC tells them to do--If you have 1 HC officer on, and the PB is completely yelling at you for not doing the correct things. I know, I am weird for making this, but I've seen bad things going from, PB-HC or HC-PB; HC are doing their jobs, to HELP both sides. AHC and GHC. I completely agree if you're simply trying to get an AO on a town, and the Officers won't listen, because they want to do what they want to do, because they have more powers in the game then you have to. Along with being AFK for GHC/AHC. If you go AFK on a side, it will cost us, from going underpopped to overpopped from having AFK officers just sitting in-game not doing anything, will hurt either side. I also was thinking of an concept for the RATS to introduce to the team -- HAVING a 30-45 minute TIMER when you're AFK. When you're AFK, for longer then 30-45 minutes, a tab will open up on your screen in-game. saying "You have been AFK for some quite time." If you, say stay AFK longer - Then after an hour or so, you should be able to be kicked from the game for being AFK to long, but I don't think that will work as good. Anyways, I know I am weird! n8
  9. Namur Schilde Haybes Verdun Andenne Schweich Grevenmacher St. T Eghezee? Vise ------------------------------------------------ I though of those towns because mainly half of them have mountains nearby. Whoever is attacking those towns, can suppress the new bunkers from mountains, then players can have PPO's/fortifications around it, along with the outskirts, so that side won't be suppressing the AB from the mountain. Just my thought.
  10. Augetout, great time working with you. Hopefully talk with ya again! Take care.
  11. i've been REQUESTING a santa uniform for 3+ years -- and have christmas color decals on my planes/weapons/armour/boats/trucks/aaa weapons red for allied green for axis
  12. Attention to orders, To wit Margate the coastal jewel under the Axis heel for far to long was rescued from tyranny by action this day. Having infiltrated the Axis cordon and after all hope of reinforcement was gone, Forward Base had been destroyed by the infamous QOR gang, did proceed to capture the Bunker and remaining Facilities while holding at bay the might of almost overwhelming forces. Later collection of papers indicated at least 12 individuals of a German flavor. The William Wallace Tactical Achievement PRESENTED TO: Themouse Named after a Legendary Figure in history. The William Wallace decoration is awarded to any Allied Member who through exemplary action in a single engagement, which may include defense of a forward base, an attack or Town defense, that such actionsresult in an overwhelming reversal of fortune for that Axis Team, and success for the Allied Team. - n8 BEF CoS AHC
  13. gj fellas
  14. ty for update tman