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  1. Bebop stop killing me!!
  2. hello guys a-team is open for recruitment we're an allied squad only (play axis during intermission) we'll bump you up to recruiter if you are on discord pm me on the forums if you would like to join -n8r
  3. Legendary player!
  4. i am here to present our bombers and defenders These are the people who are doing the right job and defending our facilites and bombing the germans! Spowie N8r Boomstuk Badanimal M1g Gces Plummet Rebel357 Meneerkoer Dustyhc Macalex Cloud2k17 Snkeyes RDP Bombing Ribbon Panda1k Heyden Fragie Tobeaucu Fighter Escort Ribbon Vstrider Foto1 N8r Gces Waznot Rebel357 Arenholt Heyden M1g Spowie Bram1913 Wildcat382 Factory Defense Ribbon Congrats to all, thank you for defending our facilites from the germans, and thank you to the bombers who bombed the german facilites. n8r
  5. Congrats to all!
  6. Yeah no problem, playtime. take care - n8r
  7. well deserved to all
  8. Not my defined keys
  9. All deserved to all
  10. To you guys!
  11. SH ! Stop killing me !!!!!
  12. real deserved