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  1. Keep up the good fight.
  2. I'm sort of split. The engine allows me to almost always kill the guard since everyone clearly shows their entire head and doesn't strafe when they see someone. As an ally, i'm sure i could nade clear the room, axis, not so much. I'd really like to see a full redesign where by there are less choke points. Allow someone to hide in a back room and make a play. Perhaps the old style bunkers with new graphics. The one's with the netting. Those were intense.
  3. i tend to agree.
  4. Ninja caps are not a thing. This game is predictable, like the lunch most of these players get in the nursing home. Terribly slow game these days.
  5. There are glimpses of glory still. Yesterday we had 56 infantry on one bunker fru in amdenne. I was so turned on
  6. Ninja caps are dead, you can remove it from your vocab.
  7. Why not promote to regular member and use your own tracking to determine if theyve reached 30 day
  8. No but i sure hope you are new and had fun
  9. 35k new installs, wild.
  10. note, that does not include all our regular players, 500-600 ingame now id assume
  11. pf is learning from me posting my wifes nipple in plain view. he blurs it all