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  1. Sapper is one of the most imporatant class. I realy dont want to imagine how T0 will do without them, mattys would roll every town cause there only real thread (the 88) is super vulnerable and need a high ground to be efektive
  2. Atm allies are more or less non stop UP because many gave up for this campain. It was always like this if one side starts loosing mayor citys/AF, flags got cutoff or frontline gets close to factorie towns. I just startet playing again after some years of a break but im sure that never changed. But ya... i was thinking about playing my very first allied campain after this one... but not sure, would miss my STUG :/
  3. Trust me its the same on axis side.... out of 10 ppl maybe 3 even care about CPs the rest jumps into the next house, looks out of a window and stays there forever while the CP next to him gets recapped
  4. Ya, there are no more breakthroughs possible that little cut at Dinant area was already a huge gain what else would have taken one or two weeks to archive. One other bad part atm is that you push a hole evenig to get one town and in the next morning you try to hold it in a 3v10 situation what you simply can not win. Even with diffrent cap timers. I know it happens an both sides but its realy frustrating to loose a city without without having a chance to use its suply to defend, you simply getting overrun by numbers. In that moments i realy miss the 60sek spawndelay timer, could help a lot in this moments.
  5. Just tryed to defend Tienen but someone blocked all AB with tones of PPOs. Im sure thats against the TOS and need to be punished.... Dont know where else i should post this so i do it here.
  6. is there already a hotpatch planed? this makes me realy unable to play
  7. monthly subscriber over pay pal