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  1. Please delete that post, issue solved.
  2. Same problem here (on training server), could you please check? Edit: a squadmate, gamename "bulbizar", also have the same problem.
  3. Leaving for a minitrip through Alsace then Switzerland, i eventually won't be able to play today. Sorry to not have been able to tell it sooner but, well, sometimes real life's special events sometimes pop up without warning. Have fun all and i'm looking forward to read your excited AAR
  4. The time around the planet will be as follow: United States - Texas sat. 12/07/2008 14:00 United States - Michigan sat. 12/07/2008 15:00 United States - New York sat. 12/07/2008 15:00 United Kingdom sat. 12/07/2008 20:00 Germany sat. 12/07/2008 21:00 Australia - Queensland sun. 13/07/2008 05:00 Source: Meeting Planner World Time Table
  5. Volunteer for any Axis commander position, either Side or Army, i'll be glad to work together with jpanzerj. PS: Axis infantry is limited to six players?
  6. Excellent material Greni, thanks much for sharing. What tool do you use to insert overlay line and text in your vids? cheers
  7. Please note that now you can also ask for a training session exclusively in french (GMT+1), both wrote and spoken.