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  1. I have money. I'm in.
  2. Glad to hear population is increasing. Haven't played since 2011 but just went and took advantage of the 9.99 special so you have another $10 bucks to throw at the air game now. Don't let me down! I will echo the prior comments that the market seems to be in vehicles now (WoT, WoWS, War Thunder, etc). My issue with those games is the lack of long term effect. So the more than can be done to allow air to have an effect on the campaign other than direct A2G kills would be excellent. Now to go find an Luftwaffe squad....
  3. Wow, almost didn't see this. I should be able to make it online tomorrow. I'll grab a 109. Thanks!
  4. Funny part about the truck thing was reading the chat of the EI's.
  5. Lot of fun. I think we (Axis) won the truck race into town and that helped a lot. I hung out near a CP on the SW corner for a while, got shot when I was looking at my map. The fun part, was after that, I headed to the ludendorf bridge, and just as I was getting there a group of enemy infantry comes down the river road on our side of the river in a truck. Me and and another axis guy, (mwmw or something like that) killed all them, I think it was 4-6 infantry at once, I got two kills and 4 hits. Nice given that resuppy was another 8 or 9 minutes out at that point. The rest of the time I watched that bridge until late game when we controlled everything and we started to move farther south. Can't wait until the next one! The resupply concept was great IMO, since it meant we had trucks rolling back and forth, and planning based on when the next troops would arrive.
  6. I'll be there for sure!! (as Axis)
  7. No, the server wasn't locked - at some point there was a message from Jammy saying that if you died to 'stay dead' and not respawn.
  8. Yea, it started at 7pm GMT. Was fun! I think I shot down a Spitfire, but not sure. My house power went out just before the end, so I couldn't check my stats. Guess I need to buy a generator to keep my PC running during these Realism Events.
  9. Rat HQ is in the central time zone - so this thing is starting at 7pm GMT. (Because the central ZONE is currently GMT - 5.)
  10. 2pm cSt is 8pm GMT. But, if you are sitting in Texas or Chicago - that means the clock on the wall will say 3pm when this thing starts because of daylight savings. Or, in otherwords, cDt is GMT - 5. cSt is GMT -6.
  11. I'd like to do this, but tuesday is a workday, and I'm at GMT -6 (MDT) so that would be Noon for me - I don't get home until 6pm at the earliest. No chance to do this thing on the weekend?