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  1. And why does it keep happening? Even after i restart my Mac.
  2. Folks. After the January fiasco they finally posted that they will no longer be reading thses boards (although they did lock threads whenever)... Here's the word: "Please be aware that the Community Support forums were set up to allow players to help players, they are not manned by staff of CRS. For customer support with regards to technical or billing issues, tickets should be submitted to support.playnet.com. For reporting bugs or game play issues, please visit the Testing and Bug Reporting forum." So that's that. Good luck, Mac players. See you on the battle field (whenever we can).
  3. We are a low priority, as before. It's not about customer service. It's about waiting.
  4. Same. Whatever, there is no loop anymore. They just don't care to inform us one way or the other, or care. Just have to keep trying to log on... hope for the best.
  5. After WEEKS of telling us it's being worked on, or "ALMOST FIXED" or "IT'S FIXED"...please let's not make this an "I can't seem to repeat the issue" issue. Hardware Overview: Model Name: iMac OSX Version 10.6.8 Memory 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Model Identifier: iMac11,3 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2.93 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 8 MB Memory: 8 GB Processor Interconnect Speed: 4.8 GT/s Boot ROM Version: IM112.0057.B00 SMC Version (system): 1.59f2
  6. Or is it here now? http://www.battlegroundeurope.com/index.php/component/content/category/18-discussion-feedback
  7. Motormouth... I'm a huge fan of yours and I know the effort you put in to make the game what it is today, I appreciate the effort, but you have got to stop feeding the flames of this issue. You wrote: "Jeep, as was announced on the front page on the 23rd, the office has been closed for regular business over the holidays. We will all be back in tomorrow morning." Come on, that's offensive. This is NOT a time to pull out an excuse because you think you might have one. Where did it say that? Did you mean here?: "The holiday season is upon us and we're all looking forward to a couple of days to spend with friends and family. But before we do, we're going to be pushing out an update for our players. " Or one of the other longer article posted on the Home page? Should we have found the article and known what you were talking about? Should we have experienced the issue and somehow back-tracked to find the article, the line, and deduced the intention? Is this where we should read for updates now? Is it the home page, or is it the facebook page? or is it the twitter feed? or is it the forums? Or is it the "Testing and Bug Reporting"? Or maybe its just open a ticket? or possibly the http://support.playnet.com/? Please please PLEASE don't make it like we should have read the story on the home page, and found your intent, and deduced what you meant, and understood the situation. It's insulting. Let's leave it at: COMMUNICATION NEEDS TO BE BETTER. WE ARE GOING TO REVIEW PROCESS AND FIND A WAY TO KEEP EVERYONE (MAC AND WINDOWS ALIKE) BETTER INFORMED. SORRY ABOUT THE DELAY, PLEASE KNOW WE ARE GOING TO FIX IT. anything short of that is basically saying, "we left you hanging for a while, but it's your fault for not reading my note on the home page". That's all, simple. It's the LEAST a community of PAYERS should expect. Honesty. Insight. Communication. It's so weird. Usually, companies that dont "get it" allow the conversation to be a monologue, not dialogue, and it's coming from the company. They don't listen. In this case, it's a monologue coming from the PAYING COMMUNITY! The company didn't listen! Spectacular if not impossible to imagine! Please. Please PLEASE. Set up a twitter feed, mirrored on the home page, and facebook page. Regular updates. Ask the programmers to help. Monitor it. Its no big deal. I see multi-billion dollar companies doing it without a whisper. PLEASE already. Fix the forums. Make it useful, intuitive. Get rid of the sticky articles that are outdated. Get the clocks right. Make posting relevant. condense and simplify. Stop with the 400 different areas of operation. ONE FRONT. Not rats, CRS, playnet, WW2 online, blah blah blah. Not forums and facebooks and website and threads and tickets and blah blah. INTEGRATED communications with function and purpose. strip away all the BS. It can work, and from the foundation YOU create, you can grow. Hone the message. Say one compelling thing, as opposed to 200 irrelevant things. 50 is better than 100, 20 better than 50, 5 better than 20, 1 better than 5. MAKE IT COUNT. And good luck.
  8. Besides the lack of customer service, which in itself is indefensible... So it's obvious to everyone (especially CRS) that the Holiday season was going to basically leave the players with limited resources for fixes. It wasn't communicated properly, yes, and all of that, but a more serious issue is this: Knowing resources were on "holiday", who decided to release a new patch before the break? Granted, it seemed to only inconvenience a small part of the community (Apple users), but it's the act of releasing the patch moments before a big break when many people finally have some time to play when the decision was made. Why? It's unfair and shows an incredible lack of concern for the playing (scratch that), PAYING customer. A continual loop of poor customer service, wouldn't you say? $3 dollars and a coke could have had this all cleaned up in a jiffy. Very sad.
  9. Understood, and I guess they will fix it whenever they fix it. Along with this fix, they should consider initiating a bare-bones customer service program that addresses these issues simply, so that paying users no longer feel left out in the cold. It's really easy, no joke. Use what technologies are available, and just do it. 3rd grade. and you save a whole lot of angst.
  10. And as for more proof, go look at the thread below this one: "Still can't login?" It took 2 entire pages, of over 40 posts, before anyone from CRS answered a single thing. Can you imagine? 48 posts, one of them CRS, the 41st post That's it. Without resolution, or further info. Would have been so much simpler to say: "We have a problem with the Apple client, and due to the holiday we wont be able to address it till January 2nd or 3rd. Very sorry for the inconvenience." Instead... nadda. THAT is frustrating. I'm glad things are peachy for the Windows crowd. They are far less for the Mac community. Weird thing is, we BOTH pay for the service, regardless of system choice.
  11. How about honesty? Ever work for ya? You will learn to revisit this when you run or work in business. look no further than politics to see how THAT works out. What you are inviting is a PR nightmare... especially in this day and age when it's so much simpler to just let THE PAYING CUSTOMER know the truth. How can you deny that? Regardless, the Customer service is non-existant. Case in point: I post, because no one is answering other players on the forums (something i have mentioned and experienced many times before)... and am told the issue was fixed. It wasn't, and still isn't. That's right, not only miscommunication, but simply wrong. THAT'S the level of service i have become used to. The forum is very very rarely answered. Usually, it's wrong anyway. Whenever players issues go unanswered, they say "Check the twitter feed on the home page". As of today, the feed says: "Forums should be back up within an hour. Sorry for the inconvience. 3 days ago ---------------- Happy Holidays to all our players present, past and future. S! about a week ago ---------------- Patch is live! about a week ago" Sorry, that's not customer service, that's ignoring us. Guess what... I am STILL waiting to hear what's what with the Mac situation. And its frustrating/insulting. So there's the web site doing nothing, twitter doing nothing. What about facebook? Here's current posts: WWIIOL: BATTLEGROUND EUROPE All of us at CRS hope that everyone's Christmas was full of fun and love. We're looking forward to being back in the office on Monday to keep working on improving your gaming experience. WHAT GAMING EXPERIENCE? Because someone decided to update and patch, I have NONE. and: WWIIOL: BATTLEGROUND EUROPE Happy Holidays to all our players present, past and future. S! That's it. So basically, nothing. Forums useless, Twitter useless, facebook useless. Oh and as for your "System messages in the game will detail stuff such as server coming down or a glitch in the client that requires a five minute down time." remember - you have to be able to log in to see those... no? Regardless, here is the truth: It's a simple, 3rd grade effort to fix this completely so mac AND other users can feel informed, like someone cares. That's a PR coup. That's smart business. Anything short of that is simply ignoring the issue, burying your head in the sand hoping it goes away. Not a fan, since its easier to fix it than it is to continue NOT fixing it.
  12. I am going to make suggestions here. It is not intended to insult anyone, or to offend anyone, it's simply to offer help. Take it, leave it or ignore it, it's fine At the end of the day, you (the creators/owners of WW2Online) will either get it, fund it, and make it happen... or you wont. There is no reason, absolutely no excuse, and should be zero tolerance - for giving paying customers the feeling of not being heard, lost, or hung up in the ether. None. It's not about money, because the solutions are simply too easy to create. It's not lack of resources... if done right it should take light moments of anyone's time. It DOES take concern: meaning you have to care enough about the people who pay to use your service to make it so. It got to be that I felt bad, like I was pushing on people at CRS to complain... like I was "putting them off". I made my suggestions and hoped for the best. But really, every time I complained I got the usual response: nothing. OR a curt reply that everything is fine and that I should have patience. Even the good citizens of WW2 would chime in: "It's the holiday and it's probably a limited crew". Here's the bottom line: How tough would it be to REALLY try, not just BS try, but REALLY REALLY try to keep us informed when things are going wrong? A simple tweet. A message, somewhere... anywhere. Hell, I don't care if the message is: "Guys, were at wits end and will NOT have a fix for at least a week". Bad news, sure. But better than constantly looking, hoping, scrounging for any details anywhere. To find information on the forums, and this has been going on for years, is worthless. A fools errand. And the tweeting is limited to once, every once in a while, when someone feels its called for. The facebook page is worse. So we are left with the whole "stop complaining and have patience" thing, without any more information. If the Mac version isn't fixed and wont be for a while, why not be honest. If it's going to be an hour to fix... TELL US. And if you're wrong, tell us a more realistic time. Why the endless stream of lies? That does nothing to help us. It's so easy it's silly. Throw a 20 character tweet. anytime. From anyone in the know. Keep the info flowing. Pick a way to keep us informed and stick to it. Not the forum? Great. Only on twitter, fantastic. facebook? Wonderful. Call it like you see it. At the end of the day, it's about responsibility. Was it wise to upgrade to an unusable patch the week of the holidays? In retrospect, kind of silly, right? Was it smart to take the "less is more" approach as we all complained about not being able to get on? What do you think? Radio silence is never the answer, not from a PR standpoint, a business standpoint, or a customer satisfaction standpoint. Come on guys. The book has been written about this. It's 3rd grade by now.
  13. Is anyone able to play? Is anyone NOT able to play? what's the situation? Anyone?
  14. I am getting apache errors, i went to reset my password and the mail never came, so i am not sure what kind of fix i need. any support from crs helpful. I cannot put in a ticket because that server isn't working either. Maybe it's the servers and not me? cant tell, no tweets or current information from CRS.
  15. There doesn't seem to be any threads about this, so it must be me. Any suggestions on how to fix this please?