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  1. Just an update: turning off "normal maps" fixed everything. And for the first time ever I'm seeing FPS of 175-30 in OS X and the game looks as good as it does in windows!!! If you're considering buying one of these rigs, don't hold off! Apple finally came through with an all in one system that can game with the rest and best of them... w00t!
  2. LOL, glad you helped yourself How does it run on a MBP in windows?
  3. Bump that... canceled that order and instead went with a 2.8Ghz, 500GB HD, and upgraded Nvidia graphics, with a 4GB RAM kit separately from OWC. Proved to be MUCH more cost effective, and .26Ghz isn't much of a difference. The price becomes very reasonable with a student discount
  4. Ahwulf used to have a guide on the video settings and what each particular checkbox did in terms of potential FPS gain and graphical trade off. Was trying to find it... Is it still kicking around somewhere and relatively up to date? I've been trying to tweak my settings for a 24" iMac with the ATI HD 2600, under both OS X and XP. Would helpful to know what each of these settings actually did rather than try to guess and see if the difference is noticeable (either in FPS or visually). Some of the settings don't seem to have any effect at all as far as I can tell, which is probably not the case... CRS should take it upon themselves to at least provide tooltips on these options! Even the info on the wiki is severly out of date. Any infos or links to current video settings would be appreciated. TIA
  5. I've played other MMOLG's and it's the same with every one, each patch intoduced new bugs, and some games even had to UNPATCH the latest update becaused it was so fuct. One that comes to mind is Shadowbane, a MMORPG. Interestingly enough, the two developers Ubisoft and Wolfpack had it out but are still in contract so you can DL the trail and play for FREE indefinitely (and completely waste every spare minute of your life!) I stopped playing for the same reasons we see here, only worse. Try it for yourself,
  6. Just some tips that might help you... 1 Turn off HUD options you don't need, or turn it off completely when not needed by pressing "Y". Also, turn off "Post Render" 2 After first launching and spawning, rotate and twist your joystick in every possible direction/axis, and let it center. Rinse and repeat if needed. b Turn off "Normal Maps" c Possibly same as above, haven't experienced this myself, reccomend trying the grass shader off/on. Water effects should be off too, big FPS leech... I haven't even had it on. Hope this helps
  7. Don't confuse lag with low FPS. Lag is network latency (slow/bad connection), poor FPS is due to poor or slow rendering. The game info shows your ping (measurement of lag), which is how long it takes information to travel from you to the server and back. Usually I get a steady 100 milliseconds or a bit lower, which is not bad. If it gets higher or isn't steady, you may have ISP or connectivity issues (try checking "use Netcode2 beta" in the game prefs). As for FPS, take a look at your graphic settings in game, try turning all shaders, specular, v-sync, normal maps and post render OFF. Also, before you launch the game, try setting your resolution to what your desktop is set to. And check out this thread:
  8. Think it's nailed down... Give it a shot As for the screen breaking on quiting, somebody above had it right, don't click to quit the game, just hit Command-Q to make it go bye bye. You can do this at ANY time BTW.
  9. Well, if it's due to FPS see this thread As for lag, no big problems so far
  10. The sound card and sound system options are for PC users that might have multiple cards, codecs, ect and can't be changed on the Mac (same as language, they made it smart enough to gather your system info). Sound card in system info seems a bit odd. Have you checked for firmware updates on Apple's site? Check your sound settings in Sys Prefs as well. And we all make stupid mistakes... any chance your speakers are reversed? On your Mac you can restore several hardware settings by leaving it unplugged for a minute or two without having to open the case and hit the CUDA button(s), might be worth a shot as well.
  11. ROTFLMAO!!!