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  1. its not the "overall" game performance that's the issue here or what the OP was pointing out, there is somthing in the game world thats bogging things down in a big way... im running duel-core E8400 (3 gig) 8 gig ram GTX260 1gig overclock2 version 1080p res i can fly over antwerp during heavy action and next no slow downs while keeping a 30+ FPS... game and system run fine together... but somtimes i look at "somthing" (no idea what it is) while sitting on the airfield and i drop to 10-20FPS???? if i look anywhere else on the AF by frames are rock solid again?? somthing out there!!!! find it DOC i carnt sleep!!!
  2. completly agree somthing is going on here as i get it sitting on a airfield, look in one direction my frames drop to 30 and lower anywhere else its high as usual , somtimes it in the direction of the AF bunker but not 100% of the time, maybe it is a tree issue???
  3. lol yea thats what i hate about the PC hardwear market its near impossible to guess whats gona happen to the prices, you think that once the new stuff comes out it will drop like a stone only to find that prices are still high simply because you just carnt get em
  4. i have the 8400 at 3ghz, and was contenplating the same, but after a bit of hunting around im gona hold off for a while and wait untill you really can utilize the power of it in day2day running, plus ive spent more than enough chash lately (or so the ball and chail tells me )
  5. lol yea, i was gona replace my barracuda's with 2 SSD's untill i hitt the shopping basket and found i needed to re-morgage my house and sell the cars lol, silly money right now
  6. yep i hate HD's its the one thing in PC tech thats still in the dark ages
  7. im a big BFG fan it was grate book but really ive had BFG for some time now and there rock solid, just updraded my 8800GT (oc2) for a 260 (oc2) and i love it, was going to go with the 290 but the wife looked at me a little funny after i splashed out on a complete new rig so i settled for the 260
  8. bump for turkey's